finally got ICS to work

By Samstoned
Nov 18, 2005
  1. Thought ,after hearing about this little app,
    and how people are trying to use this instead of a switch or router,I would see just how hard it was to install.
    Wow ,first I don't have cross over cable so I used a 3 layer switching router is this cheating.I don't know
    after following some intenet instructions it seemed like it was working ,but could not access intenet.
    played around with IP address's ,back and forth
    untill lo the and the rest nics 1.100-1.200
    did not work
    I changed them all to -nics all with .0.100-.0.200 and left the switch as weird here
    have not tried to communicate with switch
    the internet nic is set up to be shared only not the nic going from pc to pc
    if anyone would like captures email me
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