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Feb 28, 2005
  1. I downloaded Firefox last night as I've heard great things about it, particularly after my battle with Begin2Search. However, it's not loading pages- at least not with any workable speed. I'm able to get into my yahoo mail okay, but any other pages I've tried to reach with it- including this one- take so excruciatingly long to load that I end up using IE anyway. I have SBC DSL and I think it's something in my computer that tends for pages to load slowly anyway (sometimes have to hit refresh multiple times) but IE will at least load the pages after a few refreshes. Firefox doesn't seem to respond at all.

    Is there any way to fix this or do I just concede and reset IE as my primary browser? :-/ Also if anyone has any ideas about the slow page loading in general I'd be very happy- it's quite annoying (although downloads work great, so I don't think it's a bandwidth issue..we do have a router if that makes any difference).

  2. Killer_Byte

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    The router should makes thinks run faster, does it have the modem built in or as a seperate external device. I would check all the connection settings for firefox, it is posssible if this is not set correcct speeds can be affected.

    Can you try a ping on your router. You would need its local IP address though. You should be able to get this from its web interface. When you have the IP go "START" and "Run" type "cmd" then "ping XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX". If you get a really high time then you know there is a problem with you connection to the router

    What kind of router is it, how is it linked to the pc's
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    Pinging the router gave 2 milliseconds, pinging a site like came up 18.

    The router is a Sohoware BroadGuard NBG800, specifically for cable and DSL. The DSL modem plugs into the router, as do each of the computers (only 2 though we have 4 openings) through ethernet.

    In the past with problems like this, it actually helped sticking a cardboard box under the modem to get it off the carpet. I suppose it's possible I just need a bigger box for the router, but really it seems like the problem is in my computer. If I plug in my 10 year old laptop, pages seem to load fine without having to refresh. With this thing, AIM is constantly dropping connection or losing messages in transit, and I keep having to reload pages. If it works, it works right away. If it doesn't, I have to refresh until it does. It's very hit-or-miss it seems. But I have no idea what settings could be in the computer to do that. *shrug*
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    The carpet might give an indication. The router should be placed on a flat surface, with air circulating around it. It probably overheats on that carpet, or whatever cooling openings are clogged up with dust. You might also have static electricity from that carpet, which can kill your connection (and even the router itself!).
  5. MellyJC

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    Right now it's sitting on an old pizza box. The modem itself is about a foot off the ground so it should be ok I suppose- is there anything particularly recommended- I think I heard something about an aluminum surface to break any static electricity effects? Ventilation should be ok- I'm not sure what else we could do about dust.
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