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Oct 30, 2008
  1. hey im having problems with a backed up folder. which i before password encrypted on a windows home service pack 2. I backed up this folder and now that i have restored the computer i cannot access the file any more. the file is located in my local disk(c:) file and i still cannot seem to access it please help
  2. CCT

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    As I recall you have to log in as an Admin and take possession.
  3. geekygirl63

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    How did you restore the comptuer? Did you do a complete wipe and reload? IF so, did you create the same account name that you used on your original load? With Windows XP, especially if the files have been set to private on the original creation, another username cannot access them. Try booting into safe mode and using the Administrator account to read the folder. If you can, then remove any attributes such as read-only, password, etc while in safe mode. Another option which may get you around it, is to open a cmd window while in safe mode and go to the folder and see if you can read the files. If you can, then create a new folder and copy the files (you can use xcopy) to the new directory and see if that gives you access once you get back in windows.
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    i tried it on safe mode which is what i am currently on now, but it will still not allow me to open it, and when i did the computer restore it was not the complete restore it was just the one that deleted the file but made a back up of my files. also i already made an account that is called the same name as the account which i am trying to access the files from, will it help if i log on to that account in safe mode and then try and open it. also when i try and share the folder it says this is not allowed a shared account was not made at this time.
  5. aza

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    also how do u mean 'take possession' please explain in detail as i do not understand this term
  6. CCT

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    Log in as Admin, right click the folder, click properties, click security, change the settings.
  7. banic

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  8. aza

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    its taking ownership now, thank you for the help
  9. banic

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    Doubt it will work, if it does then why encrypt if everyone can access EFS files so easily...But for your sake, I hope that's the case here.

    Same username will not help if the files are encrypted. Only the same userid would work. But you also need the private key which you don't have, and since the files now are in another system than when they were first encrypted, its even worse...

    Here's a tool for recovering EFS encryption which XP uses, may take a while...
  10. LookinAround

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    banic is exactly right.

    I've down this path before with another user.

    If you encrypt a file it can ONLY be unencrypted using the same keys as when encrypting
    - Windows doesn't provide ANY method Admin or any super user to circumvent this
    - If you encrypt files, you should back up your security keys. Windows provides routines to do this

    /********** EDIT *************/
    Do you have a full backup of old system? you can recover keys that way...
    I heard (or read) but cannot verify.. the ONLY other possible method is if you have the same physical media which was used to build the OS previously. Now i add: i have no idea if rumour or fact. have never tried checking into it further
  11. banic

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    Just curious, did you fix it?
  12. jobeard

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    The Recovery Agent must be created BEFORE any errors or attempts to recover.
    Typically, the RA is stored on another system (eg the Domain Controller),
    and is a good indication that the HOME user should not be using EFS.

    If you did not have an RA and now have problems, sorry to say -- it's a total loss :(
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