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Jan 15, 2003
  1. Is there a way to force my ethernet card to get a new MAC address?
    I am trying to hook up and old piece to my network at school, and you have to register your MAC address to get hooked into the LAN. Well it says someone is already using my MAC address so it won't be able to distinguish between them.

    Anyway I was wondering if I could force a new MAC address to it so I can register on my own.....

    I am not sure if this is possible, but I thought I heard about it sometime.....
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    I can change the MAC address of my NIC from the properties in Device Manager..


    Oh, it's discussed in that page iss posted. Sorry.
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    OK, I checked this up to be sure. Your MAC address is burned onto your NIC. In that sense, it can't be changed.

    However, with device drivers, this "burned" address can be overridden. Nodsu is correct you can do this in device manager, into the NIC properties and advanced, physical address.

    This isn't your "real" MAC address, though. If you change it to something else with device drivers and then turn the setting you have made back off, the MAC address with revert back to its original "burned" setting. you can test this by doing a ipconfig /all in a command prompt, change the MAC, ipconfig /all again, change setting back to "not present" then ipconfig /all again, and you will see that the address has reverted back to its original state.

    I am not sure of the difference between a physically burned MAC address and an overridden one, i.e. whether any router, switch, etc actually cares whether its one or the other.

    You can certainly try. you need a 12 character hex address, like


    I'm really interested in how this problem occurred.... I was under the impression that the "burned" MAC addresses were completely unique.

    Are you sure its not an IP ADDRESS CONFLICT????
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    Well I figured out hte problem....I'm an *****....

    I was trying to register the PPP Address and not the Novell 2000 Address. This caused the problem. I was also under the impression that teh MAC address was unique, and it appears it is. I posted this problem, then figured out how stupid I was.

    Oh well I got it registered, but now for some reason I still can't access my network using Win 95. I am trying to upgrade to 98se, but this POS won't let me do that either.
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