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By Flite_23
Sep 29, 2006
  1. Hey I just registered on this site after looking through some of your threads, and they have some great info, so I figured this is the place to post.

    Anyway, onto the question:

    I play NBA Live 2005, and am planning on getting NBA Live 07. 07 is not much of a jump in the graphics department and it should run at or very close to the same level that 2005 runs. When I play NBA Live 2005, I run FRAPS to see my framerate. My framerate hangs around 15-18fps, I have no idea wether this is good or I just want to much from my computer, but the game does seem a bit choppy.

    I would love to see this game run at 30fps as basketball is very hard to play when it looks like a slideshow :haha:

    Heres my specs:

    Acer Aspire T300
    40GB Hard Drive
    Celeron CPU 2.4GHZ
    256mb RAM
    ATI Radeon 9550 256mb

    I read an article recently that showed me how to use the Catalyst Control Center to tweak my computer to run the game at a higher framerate. I tried alot of things, even putting everything down to High Performance instead of Quality settings and disabling V-Sync. When I play the game after these changes, the game runs at the same rate, and looks even choppier than before. I recently bought my graphics card and don't have the money to upgrade again if this is the problem. However, I am planning on buying some RAM, and can afford 256mb at the moment. So, If I was to add another 256mb RAM to my system, how much do you think it would effect the choppiness and framerates of the game?

    Also, could you guys suggest anything I could play round with in CCC that would cut out some of that choppiness and maybe add a few FPS?

    Sorry for the long post, but I'm really dissapointed after speeding alot of money on the graphics card and having the game run at a low FPS. Thanks

    By the way, out of all the forums I visit, this is the easiest to navigate. Great Job
  2. danger_mouse

    danger_mouse TS Rookie Posts: 59

    Well i think its your ram! I know you say you cant afford to upgrade them yet but i think it would make a BIG difference, ram is cheap so maybe consider buying 512mb stick instead of just another 256mb, a 512mb stick would make the whole computer run faster not just your game! :)
  3. Flite_23

    Flite_23 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks. At the moment I couldnt afford a 512mb stick, so I might go ahead and buy the 256, then when I get more money I will sell it and buy 512
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