Free November games on Epic's Store, Amazon Prime include Control, Dragon Age: Inquisition...


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Whether you're an avid PC game collector, or just growing bored with your current rotation of entertainment, there's always something you can try for free. Peruse this list and find a shiny new toy or two to add to your various libraries on PC. Inside, you'll find a healthy mix of action, strategy, and puzzles.

Here's our recount of the top free games being offered in the major PC gaming distribution platforms...

Epic Games

The Epic Games store page always has a lineup of games that are free right now or going to be very soon. Here’s some of what you can find at the moment. There will be an entirely different selection before you know it, so check out the store later. Just click on the free offerings on the stores front page, and proceed through checkout as normal to find them in your Epic Games library.

Guild of Dungeoneering - Free from November 18th to 25th

In this cutesy, paper craft styled title you’ll grow an adventuring guild from just a single member. Delve into dungeons- that you build yourself from a deck of tiles- and build a separate deck of cards to fight the monsters you’ve been dropping in. It’s simple and silly, and definitely worth checking out.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition - Free from November 18th to 25th

This game is hard to judge, seeing as it's a bit unusual, but it seems to be a brooding stroll through a creepy and atmospheric music video. Boasting original artwork and recordings, you’ll find a celebration of the 21 years legacy of Radiohead’s two albums referenced in the title- Kid A and Amnesiac.

Never Alone - Free from November 18th to 25th

In this co-op platformer, you’ll play as a small girl and her pet fox as they search for whatever is behind the endless blizzard threatening their home and way of life. Never Alone looks beautiful and has an enchanted, mystical feeling all about it. It's a worthwhile download just to sit in wonderment for the short duration of its story.

theHunter: Call of the Wild - Free from November 25th to December 2nd

This hunting game isn’t like those you’d find in an arcade where you shoot wildly into swarms of buck and geese with an orange plastic gun. Instead, you’ll creep slowly through through the scenic setting to find a single perfect shot. While you’re doing that, you’ll notice how wonderful the game looks. Give it a once over when theHunter is free in a few days.


Steam’s free to play section on their store grows every single day. These games are some of the most interesting that have launched so far in November. Don’t expect to find big budget blockbusters here, but, you can check out some really cool games from time to time and add them to your collection.

To add these games to your Steam library, just head to the games store page and click on “Play Game” and it will start downloading.

The Colossus Is Coming: The Interactive Experience

The Colossus Is Coming is also the title of an album by Auric Echoes, musical artist and game designer. This game adds a tactile and immersive element to a moody and atmospheric album. The Colossus, whatever it is, is looming over you while you anxiously collect tapes containing pieces of the album.

SPOOKWARE: Watch Party

Like a macabre WarioWare, this game is a collection of mini-games where you do some weird stuff like tracing the chalk outline around a murder suspect, or seeing who can most cleanly saw off someone’s head. It does have an incredibly simple and silly art direction, though, and it’s hard to horrified by those activities right after you see a dancing skeleton playing a keyboard.

Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming isn’t technically free, but I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t add these for all the people who don’t even know they have access to it already as part of their Amazon Prime subscription. Every month, these games will file out to let some new ones in. Here’s what you can find on the Prime Gaming page right now.

Every game has a “Claim Game” button on its card. Unless you’re given some secondary set of instructions, like redeeming a code for example, that game will head straight to your library on the Amazon Games app.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Free code for Origin until November 30th

Dragon Age has yet to see a release to follow Inquisition. You can get a digital PC copy for free via Amazon Prime now. Maybe you’ll feel like you need a replay when the Dragon Age 4 release date is announced, or maybe you’ve never had the pleasure of playing Inquisition before. Either way, if you are a subscriber you should pick it up.

To claim this one, hit that same “Claim” button, but instead of joining your Amazon Games library, you’ll receive a code to take to EA origin, and specific instructions on how to redeem it there.

Control Ultimate Edition - Free code for GOG until November 30th

Control centers around a heroine who is part of an agency designed to keep paranormal objects hidden from the eyes of society at large. She is forced to utilize the properties of these items to contain a world ending threat. In doing so, a surreal and warping reality becomes the setting of this modern eldritch adventure. If you do decide to check it out, you’ll also e getting the game’s two expansions with this code as well.

To get Control, hit “Claim” to receive a code along with the instructions on how to go redeem it on GOG.

Puzzle Agent 2 - Free until December 1st

In this title developed by Telltale games, FBI agent, Nelson Tethers, goes rogue to uncover the mystery that began to unravel in the game’s predecessor. While this sounds like the somber and serious plot of next year’s top adventure thriller, it’s presented by Telltale in a goofy Sunday paper comic-strip style. In this point-and-click adventure you’ll navigate the small snowy town and unravel the mystery that has been conveniently organized into bite sized puzzles for your amusement.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos - Free until December 1st

This title is a co-op roguelite. If that first sentence didn’t send you racing to claim this game, I guess I could keep explaining. You’ll be dropped into an over-world reminiscent of the original Legend of Zelda with your adventurer and try to clear it with just one life each. If you die, you’ll get an opportunity to upgrade your adventurers from that point on and all of the dungeons on the over-world will see a new, randomly generated, iteration.

Secret Files: Sam Peters - Free until December 1st

Yet another entry in Secret Files dropped into Prime Gaming’s lineup this month. In this point-and-click adventure series you find yourself daring dangerous locales in pursuit of cryptozoological creatures, usually with a smattering of political intrigue. In this one, the search is on for the Asanbosam, a chupacabra-esque creature from African folklore.

BAFL - Brakes Are for Losers - Free until December 1st

BAFL prides itself on homage to old-school racing games and a healthy dose of 80’s-90’s nostalgia. This top-down racer does everything it can to stay simple, fast, and frantic. You can play with your friends or solo grind to put your best times up on the global leader boards.

Liberated - Free until December 1st

Jumping between a wonderfully presented graphic novel, and a gritty black-and-white side-scrolling shooter, Liberated presents a cautionary story about corruption and control. It does all of that while toting this interesting stylistic direction you can see in the trailer.

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter - Free until December 1st

I’ll be frank, this game is bad. It’s little more than short games of I spy strung together by a cheesy fantasy story. The odd thing though, is how it still manages to be so fun. Demon Hunter 2 is the video game equivalent of re-watching terrible old movies- even though they are a dumpster fire you still have a great night. Add it to your library for a short burst of campy fun! is a site where small developers can upload their games, usually for free or with a price on the cheaper side of things. Even though you won't see multi-million dollar budgets or lifelike graphical fidelity on this site, there's a vast array of titles. They might not all be winners, but some are for sure.

To download these games just head to their respective pages on the store and hit the red "Download or Claim" button and then proceed through checkout.

The following are the 10 most popular games that have been discounted to free at the time of writing. They'll change on you pretty quickly, but are likely to be replaced by something new by then, so have a look for yourself.


Blades Adrift

Fight through waves of enemies equipped with only a blade and a longbow in this first-person action game. Blades Adrift tasks you with finding glory in a warrior's interpretation of the afterlife.

The Lost World



Ride n' Chill

The title tells you exactly what to expect here. You'll be driving around a colorful, low-poly island acting as a ride service. Lean back, crank up the tunes, and enjoy this relaxing little project.

Daft Disputes

Shapes & Beats

Taking a form similar to a bullet-hell game, Shapes & Beats is very simple. Jam out to the beats, but don't touch the pink shapes cascading across your screen.

The Dark Retributionist


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