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Jul 9, 2008
  1. Well it happnd b4 when i installed a new graphics driver, after computer started up and everything was loading, it froze and made sum weird patterns forcing me to restart.

    I fixed it by rolling back driver in safe mode.

    Today same thing happens, except the only things installed was speedfan and windows updates.

    I tried doing system restore in safe mode but nothing works. ++I just did another system recovery from another account (not admin - not sure if it changes anything), and did it a few more days back, that fixed it.

    What do I do? I dont even want to restart my computer again becaue it might happen again. Does this mean I cant install/uninstall anything?

    Getting really annoying hope you guys can help.
  2. rf6647

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    I suggest that you consult "Guides & Solved Issues" on this board. This post discusses sudden crashes & reboots.

    System restore worked from another account? Sounds flakey to me. It seems like you addressed the video drivers and new software. Look at events viewer for any history for system and application errors.

    If you're nervous about losing your system, back up your data and line up all your applications. Very often, attempts to fix things lead to a total collapse. Personally, I'd invest in a second hard drive and "cloning" software (such as Partition Magic or Ghost - both from Symantec). If the repair succeeds, you have a spare drive. If things go wrong, you can do-over. Others on this board would recommend a clean start - reload the OS, applications, and all updates.
  3. Bobbye

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    "the only things installed was speedfan and windows updates."

    If the Windows Updates were causing the problem, doing the System Restore removed them.
  4. Exhonour

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    Its really weird, first I thouhgt maybe it was video card after playing games, but I restarted 3 times after playing css, cod4, etc. and it didnt happen. It seems so random its annoying me. I also installed all updates, installed service pack 3 also, hoping that it wouldnt cause problems, it didnt so far.

    I also looked at event log for security log ins/outs and the only things that are there are 0xC000006A - wrong passwords, etc :S

    Temperatures seem normal, my CPU is around 39-55 celcius, GPU is quite higher ranging from 59-70 celcius.

    Im going to try and update video card driver again, creating a restore point before installing.
  5. Bobbye

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    Right click on errors in the Event Viewer> Properties> click on the Copy icon on right, below the down arrow. Paste (Ctrl V) the Error here. You do not need to include the lines of code that appear in the box below the Description. Ignore Warnings.

    Please look in both the System and the Apps logs.
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