Fujitsu LCD replacement troubleshoot

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I order a new screen and replaced it but get nothing. I tried the old cracked LCD and got nothing there either, so I don't think it is a problem with the screen. I also hooked up an external monitor so I know the video card is working, just no output to the LCD screen.

I think the laptop "close" switch is working because when I close the laptop it goes into hibernation mode.

What else could cause the screen to not come on?

Thanks, I will check this out. But these seemed to be working fine when I pulled out the broken LCD a month ago - are they sensitive to handling and could that have caused it? it just seems like these components are separate enough that this would seem unlikely but maybe not.

Again, thanks for your help.



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Were the hinges or the LCD broken away from the rest of the laptop, or was the LCD panel just cracked?
The LCD panel was cracked. In fact, parts of the LCD screen were still visible or usable. The hinges and connection to the main system seemed to be OK


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Ok... are you sure that the replacement LCD Panel is an exact replacement to the original? The inverter could have shorted out
we should remember, that any LCD contains eeprom with specifications of LCD-module. some laptops do checking of this info with information stored in bios rom. if eeprom isn't correct - laptop won't show anything.
Tmagic -

in fact there is a slight variation in the model # that I did not notice (received SHARP LQ106K1LA03 - the last digit should be a 2). The prices differ significantly online so I assume I received a cheaper product that is not compatible. The invoice reflects the "2" so I should be able to return it, however the old screen now doesn't work so I am worried that plugging in the "3" model did something.


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Well that "slight" variation could be the key to no video, but you might be ok returning it for the proper part. I think it will work ok, because of LAMO's eeprom post. LAMO really is Techspot's laptop guru :grinthumb


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Well Kimsland, we can't have everything can we ;) I hope lancer1 can get the proper LCD panel and that he gets video back
kimsland, i can remove any password from any laptop,including newest sony and dells. but i don't provide this service via internet/icq/mail. and i won't do this in the future.


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I knew that and that was also my point
You must have known that I knew that already, actually that's why I posted
Glad it's sorted then, you cannot help in this area on the forum
Well obviously I'm more helpful in that area to others ;) Maybe one day you could try helping too, when you can do this, but by the sounds of that, it will likely never happen. :suspiciou
Thank god for me hey :grinthumb, because lamo has confirmed he cannot help in this area.

I write the above so as to quote myself if ever needed ;) Actually here's that quote:
lamo has confirmed he cannot help in this area.
hmm, there's some new things i've discovered about this issue. according to this:
these modules don't have eeprom inside :( and also i haven't found the 02 revision datasheet. so, i think, there's no difference between these two revisions of these LCD-modules.
again, check carefully connections between LCD,MB. if you have multimeter, check the resistance between GND and 1st pin of the LCD-screen, while connected(don't forget to power off laptop before measuring!!!!!).
Thanks. I haven't had time to take apart the laptop but probably this weekend.

Since I have a working (albeit cracked) LCD screen LA02, I will test against this and then try the LA03. The problem at the moment is they both don't show any video (as if the screeen was unplugged), so I am diagnosing another potential issue with the connector to the motherboard or the inverter not working. I don't think the laptop-close-switch is an issue because when the lid closes the laptop goes to sleep as it should.
according to datasheet this screen has led backlight. so there's no inverter in separate logic board. inverter logic is embedded in LCD-module. actually, there might be difference between several revisions of these LCD-modules. my expirience with such type of screens isn't quite big, but you always can download datasheet for several revisions of LCDs, and compare them :)
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