G92 is due 11/12 - but is it 256-bit mid-range/mainstream?

By Rilla927
Sep 1, 2007
  1. Okay, 8/29, Vr-Zone posted this article http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=5207:

    Recently, I heard that the nov. release is more likely to be an 8700 series than an 9800/8900 series. But, confusion ruled and no one was sure what it would be, with most hoping for a new high end.

    However, the HKEPC article (http://www.hkepc.com/?id=45 - it is in Chinese), the same group that brought us concrete Intel price slashes for the last couple of times, translated says that the G92 is more likely to replace the 8800GTS as a mainstream card, while the G98 is slated to compete against the RV260/2600/2400 refresh. It *does* make sense, however, as the 2950Pro is slated to be released before the end of the year and im sure Nvidia will not pass up an opportunity to fight its archrival, AMD.

    Also, this isn't the first time that the vaunted G92 was rumored to be more midranged than high-end. This does, however, lead to the question of whether a high end will even show up by the end of this year or if it will be held onto until ATI shows what it can do with R700 or the refresh of the R600. After all, Nvidia is the one waiting on what card ATI decides to show.
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