Gainward GeForce GT 240 Review

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Dec 1, 2009
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  1. The GT 210 has 16 processor cores, the 220 has 48, the 240 has 96 and the 260 has 192 to 216. Nvidia cards support CUDA that allows the graphic processors to be used for parallel processing. Also, the 200 series come with an HDMI port for a one-cable audio and video connection to HDTV's. The GT 240 on sale is a good starter card for CUDA data processing or using with a Linux OS like Element to convert an old PC into a home theater PC (HTPC) box with an HDMI cable port.
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    omg you guys don't know **** about this card! i mean this is far better than the 9800GT which is a DDR3 card and the GT240 is a GDDR5 and is a lot faster! and the GT240 came 17th in the top 20 gaming cards while the 9800gt came 19th! :p
    and benchmarks say all. i tested the 9800gt and the GT240 on the same PC and the GT240 had greater FPS and it came to my attention that the 9800gt wasn't able to run GTA 4 on max (it was but with lag) and the GT240 did just fine.
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    Honestly I have no idea what you are rambling on about but I think I understood the memory comment.

    Just so you are aware the 9800 GT has a memory bandwidth of 57.6GB/s. The GTX 240 has a bandwidth of 54.4GB/s when using GDDR5 memory and 32GB/s with GDDR3.

    The 9800 GT also has a considerably more complex core configuration...
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    Before you go around telling people (and experienced people at that) that they don't know ****, perhaps you should 'learn some **** yourself.
    Equipping a card with GDDR5 does not automatically make it faster than another card. there are many other considerations that make up the speed and throughput of a GPU...or any other electronic component for that matter. Like shader units,ROP's, Texture units, bus width , etc so on, and so forth.
    What was the criteria for this list?, it certainly was not frame rates. The GT 240 in any form gets its *** beat by the GT 9800 across the board.

    yes they do....why don't you try reading them? why...there is one right here at TS that shows the GT 240 coming in behind the GT 9800 in every single bench run.

    You really should learn how to benchmark....because you are the only one to reach that conclusion.

    Well aside from the fact that GTA IV is one of the most CPU dependent games in recent memory, do you live in some time bending black hole whereby electronic devices mysteriously change their properties and characteristics when they land in your hands?

    Oh here is another mystery... here is the Palit GT 240, equipped with a full 1GB of blazing GDDR5, losing to a lowly GT 9800 that only has a measly 512MB of GDDR3....but how can this be!! oh the humanity!
    (hint) adding an extra 512MB of memory to VGA's of this low end of the spectrum is useless in's just to make you feel good when your buddy has the 512MB version. See there? learned something.

    and I leave you with the quoted conclusion from PC Perspective's review of both the GDDR3 and GDDR5 version of the GT 240;


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