Games minimizing in vista

By HPCE_Larry
Oct 15, 2007
  1. Recently I have been having issues with my various games and full screen. When I run them, they are full screen for 1-2 seconds and then they minimize to the start menu bar. Clicking on them only brings them back for another couple of seconds. I have combed the web looking for an answer, and haven't found any.

    The games that run windows (h2v cause it doesn't have 1440x900) have no issue. The odd thing though: Before the issue, halo pc had no issue with my 1440x900 resolution and supported it full screen. Now if i run it windowed the highest resolution it goes up to is 1386x768 or something close to that.

    Finally, windows update keeps mentioning that it fails to update my gfx driver. I have dled the latest one from nvidia, but that still persists.

    Vista home premium.
    320gig hd
    core 2 duo e6600
    2 gigs corsair dominator ram.

    Thanks, let me know if I need to provide more info.
  2. HPCE_Larry

    HPCE_Larry TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 132

    Anybody? Theres a lot of other ppl with this issue, surely there is some answer.
  3. SteveMc

    SteveMc TS Rookie

    I have the same problem on XP Pro except that my games minimise every 10 mins or so...I'd be really interested in any suggestions too.

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