Gaming Computer Build 2!

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Nov 9, 2006
  1. Im building another gaming computer because I gave the other one to my brother for birthday..

    Here is some of the parts I plan on getting:



    Case / PSU combo:

    Mobo: Havent got one yet, hope you guys can link me a good one for a cheap price

    Processor: dont know because I dont have a mobo yet... I want a AM2 processor though


    CD drive:

    Total price so far: $780 ( rounded without shipping and all that fancy stuff )

    You can suggest other items if you want, I got a $900 budget since this is sortof a Christmas gift to me =)

    Also dont know if I left out any other items.. it's sortof late so I dont remember if I got all the needed parts so far xD
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Try this sound card out. It has almost all the features of the Creative and is dirt cheap too.
    These are my Processor and Motherboard recommendations for AM2.
    For RAM, I suggest this for that mobo. It's superb-quality, low-latency, inexpensive RAM. U can get this RAM instead if u want a 1GB kit.

    I, however, suggest getting a good Core 2 Duo processor+board combo instead. It will be faster and almost the same price as above. Try this mobo and this processor to go with it, as well as this RAM to go. The above recommendations are only if u wanna go Core 2 Duo.

    P.S.->I don't know if I'm over ur budget so just calculate the price and tell me so I can change some stuff around :D. Oh and BTW, check out the other thread for some more info on the PSU & case.
  3. TimeParadoX

    TimeParadoX TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 2,273

    Hmm... pretty good price for all the awesome stuff you linked me Rage
    Total: $990.5 (without shipping / warrantys )
    I can afford that =)

    Also, the case I linked can all that stuff fit inside it or no? I sortof got confused on your explaining of the PSU and all that mATX and stuff xD
    ( Im ganna use that 700w PSU you linked in the other post )

    Also yeah im ganna use the Duo Core + 1gig ram since most games coming out ( BF2142 and all that ) need better systems =D

    Oh... Should I get fan upgrades or just stick with the case defaults? ( Specs of the default are 1 x 120mm front fan (Intake)
    1 x 120mm rear fan (Exhaust) )
  4. kitty500cat

    kitty500cat TS Evangelist Posts: 2,154   +6

    I'd recommend sticking with the fans that came with the case.
    That case should work for you.

    I would back up Rage's recommendations for Core 2 Duo stuff. What he suggested looks good to me, too.
  5. TimeParadoX

    TimeParadoX TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 2,273

    Yeah im following mostly all the stuff rage says because all his recommends for my 1st computer were awesome =D

    Thanks kitty500cat for your reply with the fan stuff and case =D

    Also is that CD drive I linked good or no? Most Drives I found didnt come with cables but eh and also which Hard drive should I get?
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