GeForce 6600 AGP 8X 256MB Problem - Black Screen on Boot

By PyRoMaNiAc2287 ยท 12 replies
Jul 28, 2005
  1. I just got a new video card GeForce 6600 AGP 8X 256MB to replace my GeForce FX 5500 128mb PCI. After putting it in and whatnot, when i start up my computer the monitor doesn't display anything. I hear my computer startup and everything is working, but no display. The monitor is gettin signal or else it would say "No signal". The screen is black with orange light as if its in standby. It's not my power supply because I've killed power to everything except the necessities. I used to have a Geforce MX 420 4x agp that used to work and i know the slot is working because the HD picks up my new card. I temporarily had my pci and agp card hooked up with BIOS set on auto so i could use the pci card, and the hd detected the AGP card. so obviously it knows its there. Anyone know why my monitor wont display anything??
  2. mailpup

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    Knowing the brand would help but I'd guess that you overlooked plugging in the power supply to the card.
  3. PyRoMaNiAc2287

    PyRoMaNiAc2287 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It's an Inno3d card. Nah I dont see any power outlet for the card. I know the card is gettin power because the fan is running and whatnot.
    Oh yeah BTW, My MoBo is Intel 845PE Chipset with 4x AGP slot. I know AGP 8x cards work on 4x and it even says so on the box.
  4. Raikien

    Raikien TS Rookie

    OK Pyro I had exactly the same problem... I tried to replace my pci geforce 5500 to my agp geforce 6600 and got a blank screen... monitor just dint work, After reading Nvidia pitiful excuss for an installation manaul over 1000 times and had been up for almost 2 days. i relized it was a software issue with the on board graphics. heres wat u do take out all ur cards...get rid of their drivers in ur add/and remove programs, then go to ur device manager which can be found by right clicking my computer and disable ur display driver ur computer came with. then put the 6600 in and injoy. BY the way i join this forum to tell u this so ya better read this soon lol
  5. jarvis

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    That really just sounds like a bad/defective card. Send it back.
  6. Cluey

    Cluey TS Rookie

    Sorry, found this thread on a google search, and was having exactly the same problem.

    See the problem is in your PSU. The card says it needs a 300w PSU to run. Tis bull. It needs about 400W. I know this cos I am pissed off at the moment, I had a pitiful 250w PSU when I bought this card. So I upgraded to a 350w on the cheap thinking it would solve my problem.
    And it has to an extent, the computer starts up, most of the time.

    Other times I will get this horrible problem of the screen going into standby after starting a game, or sometimes at boot. I'm going to buy a 500w PSU in a while, I hope it fixes my problem.
  7. romukief

    romukief TS Rookie

    hi ! same probleme here.
    I did a fresh install of windows xp, install every thing but when I install the nvidia driver (latest) for my asus 6800 ge 256MB, the screen go black with a white dash blinkink in the top left corner.Sometimes the desktop appears again but when I reboot I got a black screen after the windows logo. Sometimes the screen garbled just after the nvidia driver. I don't know what to do?
    Did you solve that issu??
    I have a 360W PSU, only one HDD, 2 DVD doesn t seem to be a power pb for me....
  8. romukief

    romukief TS Rookie

    I didn t really get it sorry. What should I do? take my video card out of the computer, uninstall nvidia driver, put my card back in...reinstall driver??
    Can u reexplain please?
  9. theadept

    theadept TS Rookie

    I have one too and it doesn't boot.
    My computer is a Dell Optiplex GX270
  10. diiink

    diiink TS Rookie

    hi there

    had same prob... Download latest driver, unpack then go to device manager, remove geforce 6600 and reinstal by chosing driver update(right mouse), select "i want to choose" then select where you unpacked the latest driver
    and next.. That should do the trick...It worked on my pc...
  11. NFSFAN

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    Go to the bios, and disable anything that says Onboard Video. Boot into Windows with you 6600gt and delete all the onboard remaining drivers with drivercleaner.
  12. romukief

    romukief TS Rookie

    Thanks for the feedback. My probleme was due to a defective graphic card. I send it back to asus, got a new one and it work perfectly for me since!!
    Glad it worked for u by just installing a new driver!
  13. cbgreen

    cbgreen TS Rookie

    i have the exact same problem as pyro, can u tell me if your problem still consists or what you did to fix it? i have geforce 7800gs agp and i can hear my pc startup into windows but no screen, extra power dongle is attached to the card, i'm going back to the store tomorrow but i just want to know if this could be a power problem, my supply is 250 watt but if i disconnect my devices phisicly to the bare essentials i still have the same my options are either return the card, get a new power supply or get a new motherboard, could this problem be due to a outdated motherboard?
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