Geforce 8800 GTX and Computer Monitor

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Feb 18, 2007
  1. I am planning to get an nvidia geforce 8800 gtx graphics card but it has two dvi-i outputs. My "new" 20 inch Dell monitor only has dvi-d and vga inputs (If its new, it should have DVI-I). How can I connect the 8800 gtx to my monitor? My monitor has a s video input and the gtx has an s video output. Could I buy an s video cable and plug it in that way? Would I lose any graphics power if I did this?
  2. Exonimus

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    I'm not sure about the s-video cable, but it will most probably be bad quality. I'm pretty sure you can buy a dvi-vga converter. so that's a solution.
  3. kitty500cat

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    If the card is DVI-I and the monitor is DVI-D, won't they still work?
  4. Robgamer

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    Exonimus: Would I lose quality switching from dvi to vga?

    Kitty500cat: I dont think the dvi-i and dvi-d are the same. I think they have different connections.
  5. Robgamer

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  6. kitty500cat

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    I think that the monitor and the card will be physically compatible because the monitor, which has fewer prongs, will still fit. However, it doesn't look like it would work now that I look at it. I'd get a DVI-->VGA adapter.
  7. twite

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  8. Groova

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    S-Video really just for TV's

    I stand corrected but S-VIdeo is really just to get video out onto the TV from your PC. Also used to plug in video cameras. I read up on it a while ago and the resolution is far too low to make it viable for an LCD monitor and a monster like the 8800. Nice card, which I had the cash for one. Enjoy it!
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