Geforce FX 5200 256MB PCI causes network problems

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System specs:

OS: Win XP SP2
PSU: 250W
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA7VKMLS
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2000

No AGP slot

3 PCI slots : Firewire in slot 1
Belkin HSM wireless G network card in slot 2
XFX Nvidia Geforce FX5200 256mb graphics card in slot 3


Until recently I have been running a weak Geforce 2 PCI graphics card in my computer (no AGP slot), but having purchase UT2004, wanted a high power graphics card to play it with. I chose the XFX Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 and replaced the geforce 2 with my new card. The installation went fine and the game ran much better on the new graphics card, it was only when i came to try and access the internet that I realised I could no longer access my home wireless network. I tried uninstalling the new graphics card, and used my onboard graphics, the network worked again. I installed the new graphics card, but not the drivers and I could still connect to the network using my onboard graphics, but not through the new graphics card. When i installed the drivers for the new card, I couldnt even access the network using my onboard graphics. There seems to be a problem with my new graphics card and my belkin wireless card. I've tried downloading all of the latest drivers for both, but no luck.

Please help,

Answer To Your Problems

This May Seem Silly But You Stated That You Are Using A 250w Psu. Now The Graphics Card That You Are Using Is A Mid Range Gamer And If Using It I Would Use Al Least 350w And 400w To Be Safe.

Why Adn How Does This Affect The Internet You May Ask Well I Am Thinking That The Pci Card That Your Using Takes Quite A Bit Of Energy To Run Therefore When Putting The 5200 It May Not Be Suppying Enough Power.

This May Seen Daft But In My Experiance Of Building Pc's Not Having Enough Power Can Cause All Sorts Of Problems. Even If This Isnt The Problem I Would Recomend Buying A New One Anyway.


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Yep. They say 250 watts will work, but I think that is not true usless to take all the stuff out of the machine that uses up power.

Your Athlon can run higher graphics cards and is limited by what you can put in by the PSU.

Previous post:
I have a friend with a 2350 from dell. It only has a 200 watt power supply. If everything is fine until the machine heats up the it may be the PSU.

You need a minimum of 250 watts on the specs for a geforce 4000 and up. I had the 5200 pci in a compaq with 250 watt power supply and it would still flake out by rebooting once in a while.

Everything you put in your machine uses watts up. If you have alot of stuff in it even 250 may not be enough.

Compusa has a 400 watt power supply for $10 with a $30 rebate. $40-$30=$10. A good upgrade for the 2350 because that P4 1.8 is way underpowered and very upgradable.

Component Wattage Required:

Motherboard 15-30
Low-End CPU 20-50
Mid To High-End CPU 40-100
RAM 7 per 128MB
PCI Add-In Card 5
Low To Mid-Range Graphics 20-60
High-End Graphics 60-100
IDE Hard Drive 10-30
Optical Drives 10-25

Let me know if this solves the problem. If everything is fine and then after sometime it goes bad that doesn't sound like a software problem. It is a PSU/heat problem I think, but I am not much of a tech.
NVIDIA GeforceFX 5200 256mb

To whom it may concern....

I am quite a gamer myself.....the Thing that make sme go crazy with this card, it shutdowns on its own.......There seems to be a driver problem all the time....The thing i don't get is whenever i watch dvd quality movies or do graphics with adobe, it works perfect, but when it comes to can be a ***** pls, anyone who can give a solution, that would really be great.....

Appreciate it....later......;p


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Watching DVDs and Editing Graphics in (Photoshop) are 2-dimensional persuits and will not really give a 3d graphics card's GPU much of a workout.

The shutdowns you speak of are not likely to be direct results of driver problems. They typically are due to either overheating or underpowering your components.
NVIDIA GeforceFX 5200 256mb

Thank you for the quick response.........i already have the board you mentioned, if i'm not mistaken mine is a cempron 1800......but my ram is only 256mb, by increasing my ram yo think it will solve my problem with the screen going black and requirung me reboot the system????
I personally dont think that the card is the problem coz i have the same PCI thing installed in my PC coz i dont have the AGP slot it's probably something else
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