Geforce fx 5500

By iredge
Jan 31, 2009
  1. Hi,

    I know it's a bit daft but I had no choice. Here goes: I recently bought a Geforce fx 5500 agp to replace my radeon Pro x800 that for a strange reason was rendered faulty after moving home.

    At first I was glad...I finaly could go on the net ETC...The display is correct but the probleme appears when I play games in 3d. The display freeze for a while every 5 mn the the sound loops.

    I tried evwerything, updated drivers, also tried clean reinstall with older drivers, scanned for spywares, scanned for viruses...ETC

    I believe that the problem comes from the heat sink that doesn't allow the heat to be diffused properly. I also got a Xfi fatality lately. Could there be a conflict between those 2 cards.

    OS: windows XP
    Ram 1GB
    CPU: athlon 2400 xp

    Any suggestion?
  2. Zilliak

    Zilliak TS Booster Posts: 164

    waht games are you trying to play?
  3. Tha General

    Tha General TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,106

    Use older drivers, 56.56 or i think its 56.54.
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