geforce2 mx400 driver problems

By actionn
Apr 19, 2002
  1. geforce2 mx 400 pci problems

    hey yall my buddy is having problems with his geforce2 mx 400, what are the best drivers or tweaks for this card? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I've got a GF2 MX400 64mb PCI from Visiontek. I've run the 23.11 driver & the 28.32. I've also run the "Ge Force Tweak Utility" & the "Riva Tuner" program to 'overclock' the card. :)

    The 23.11 driver worked w/both programs quite well. The 28.32 only worked w/the "Riva Tuner". Don't know why. :confused:

    With the 23.11 & "GFTU" I got my best benchmarks ('Fresh Diagnose') at 205/343. Overclocking further w/'GFTU' did *not* improve the benchmarks. :rolleyes:

    I'm presently running the 23.82 & "Riva Tuner" at 209/388 & the card performs very good. It seems to me that the 'core' clock won't take much (210+) 'overclocking' but the memory will. I don't have an 'on-board' fan (just heat sinks) but I do have an aux. fan blowing across the card for cooling. :cool:

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