Gonna Be upgrading my system over Christmas

By KingdomXYZ · 8 replies
Sep 21, 2017
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  1. So as its the Christmas month and my 18th are approaching ill have about 600-700 £ to upgrade my rig over the coming months but I am wondering what I should be upgrading so any suggestions would be very much appreciated
    My current specs
    CPU: I5 4690k
    Motherboard: Asus Maximus VII Ranger
    CPU Cooler: H100i gtx
    Ram: 2x4 GB Kingston hyper x red 1866 mhz
    Storage: 850 evo 120gb and a wd 7200 rpm 1tb drive
    GPU: Msi gaming x GTX 1070
    Case: Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass
    psu: EVGA B2 750W Semi modular psu
    Fan: Corsair af140 for the rear fan
    Thanks for any help in advance I am a heavy gamer however I do want to stream a bit more if that helps in the refining of the build
    Thanks for reading and have a nice day :3
  2. Aphidness

    Aphidness TS Member Posts: 19   +7

    What's your most necessary tasks for your pc? As for me I would upgrade to 16gb of ram with same speed + an additional ssd for your favourite games or other specific software only. If you are streaming or render videos you can get an i7 4790k, additional threads will definitely help. Also do you have a GSync monitor?
  3. KingdomXYZ

    KingdomXYZ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I do like to stream on a whim and no I will be getting a 1440p ips moitor 60 hz may dabble into youtube idk I just like to have the power to persue what I like
  4. Aphidness

    Aphidness TS Member Posts: 19   +7

    Well, it seems there are no 60hz 1440p Ips Gsync monitors, but there are 144hz 1440p IPS Gsync ones for around 515£. Used ram+cpu can cost around 220£. So here is 735£ for the ultimate upgrade. Maybe it will cost less if there are good deals on used parts.
  5. KingdomXYZ

    KingdomXYZ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I doubt you could find a 4790k for that price however I will be selling on the 4690k after its replaced so thats ok I guess
  6. Aphidness

    Aphidness TS Member Posts: 19   +7

    You can look out local sellers, they can offer better deals than someone from ebay. At least someone should sell cpu for 200£. Also I apologise, I checked the prices on Amazon.co.uk on gsync monitors, beforehand I converted $ to £ but now I see you need 200£ more for a new one, so now it's around 700£. I doubt there is a chance to get a monitor for a price I listed above, but it's worth trying to find a used one. I've seen ads with guys selling huge monitors used for a week for 15£ less due to a laptop bottleneck and their laziness to get a refund from a seller.
  7. Aphidness

    Aphidness TS Member Posts: 19   +7

    Right now on ebay there are 105£ i7 (also in the description the guy offers 4x8 2400hz ram but with no price listed) and 600£ monitor. Both of the sellers are located in UK.
  8. KingdomXYZ

    KingdomXYZ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Probably a scam or low bids atm you would never get it for that
  9. Jollyriffic

    Jollyriffic TS Member Posts: 57   +24

    If you do streaming or want to create content for youtube, the 1700x would be a fantastic build.
    Your gaming shouldn't really see much difference, slightly lower in some games and slightly higher in others.
    What will make a huge impact is when you're streaming + gaming. Nobody really goes much into the details of streaming + gaming and the effect this has on your gaming or stream habits. In this case you'd likely see a larger performance drop even with an i7 that has 4 core 8 thread than the 1700x since you have 8 cores 16 threads.

    An i7 will actually outperform in just gaming over 1700x, not massive gains but it is noteworthy, that's due to the cores actually being higher in clock.

    As games progress, the 1700x will start to pull ahead. More cores has been a thing for a while now, but the only real consumer grade core count was on amd, and prior to ryzen/threadripper amd had garbage architecture so it wasn't worth it for devs.
    Now since i7, i9, ryzen are going hard with the new chips, we'll likely see more cpu leverage coming to games.

    Theoretically, we should see large improvements down the road for gaming on multithread.

    So really this boils down to are you going to stream or do content creation to make it worth upgrading to more cores.
    If so, then I vote for the ryzen line. If you're going to stick to mostly just gaming, the i7 line might be a better choice.

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