Google wants to digitize your wallet, tickets, passes and more


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In the wake of Passport, Apple's upcoming answer to digital wallets, Google has announced it is working toward making its current Google Wallet service more robust. In a Q&A session hosted by YouTube, Google Wallet developer Robin Dua said the...

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Yeah, sure they can do that for me...once our governments actually start treating hackers like proper criminals and stomping down on fraud and the like with them.
Of course we know that will never happen, our governments are too busy chasing their tails trying to stop piracy rather than fighting something that is a little more important for technology to progress.


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No thanks. I still like to do things with cash. Hard to spend more than you have when you only have X dollars in your wallet. CC, debit cards, and checks are too easy to over spend on.


This is definitely not for everybody, that is for sure. Cash is still king for me. One more way for companies to gather more info on consumers, as if they don't get enough on a daily basis. NO THANKS!


Not only that, but why would ANYONE want this to happen? All these smartphones do is give the companies and the governments access to your data, accounts, and locations at any time. Now I want to give them my banking information and where I spend my money? Come on - get real. This 24/7 connectivity is more creepy than beneficial. Do I really need to be updated when my facebook friends update their status and their location? Ooooo Joe Smith just checked into a freakin' Swiss Chalet restaurant. I DON'T CARE.

Ughhh...survival of the fittest folks, not the most well-connected.


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Well I would not use the complete service on the $$ side BUT I love the buss pass, loyalty cards and coupons cuz they are just a paint to always carry and you never have it when you need it. In other hand my cash ,debit/credit cards are alway on my person.

But hum since Google came up with this first and Apple introducing its vesion you think Google will sue them ! :X


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Agree with Neojt. Store coupons, transit passes, etc. - that would be a genuine convenience. Bank info needs to stay more private than any networked corporation should be trusted to hold.