In the wake of Passport, Apple's upcoming answer to digital wallets, Google has announced it is working toward making its current Google Wallet service more robust. In a Q&A session hosted by YouTube, Google Wallet developer Robin Dua said the company hopes to let you "leave your leather wallet at home".

Despite its namesake, Google Wallet hasn't truly been a suitable replacement for traditional wallets just yet. Although the service handles electronic payments and loyalty cards admirably, it doesn't really include ways of storing and using gift cards, movie tickets, transit passes, coupons and certain other items which users find themselves frequently carrying.

Google isn't the only company who wants in on storing the contents of your wallet digitally, however. Just to name a few, PayPal, Apple, Lemon and MCX – a consortium of large retailers like Wal-Mart and Target – are all vying to replace your folded slab of well-worn cowhide with their own digital representations.

Despite the increasing amount of competition, Google hopes it can set itself apart by offering novel features. For example, the company has been working with a NJ-based transit agency in a pilot program which stores and presents bus passes through Google Wallet. The company intends to streamline the process of purchasing, maintaining and presenting bus passes, giving riders access to all of their own relevant information in just a few touches.

Dua also mentioned leveraging location awareness in order to automatically retrieve relevant coupons and loyalty cards as a means to simplify transactions.

No launch dates were given during the Q&A session.