GPU temperature problems

Apr 8, 2010
  1. Hi my name is BEPOS, and i had many problems with game crashes,wich i resolved with mailpup. Now i have just one more problem my GPU's temperature is 69 degrees(Celsius) before playing a game, in the game 73 degrees, and after i exit or game crash 76 degreees,i found that from gpu-z and i knew that this wasnt a game problem anymore so i posted this here.

    In GPU-Z it telles me that the GPU's cooler is working 45%,i have an ATI Radeon 1950 Pro(Saphire),so i goed on the Saphire website and saw there a newer bios recomanded for me :X1950Pro 512M with P/N:88-2E19-xx-SA (if problems with fan speed control occur)(SAB03600.104)

    and problems whit fan speed occured to me(45%from his potential doesn't look so fine) so i took it !

    Well the problem is that i do not know what should i do with that file?I mean i saw straange looking file but THIS is a 104 file i dont seen this kind of file before, maybie I dont have the program to run it or maybe i should copy it in a folder please help !

    Thanks for your time !(sorry for my bad enlish:D)
  2. BEPOS

    BEPOS TS Member Topic Starter

    I said that because i had manyproblems with game crashes and he raly helped remove some of the elements that caused my game to crash, now i have to find out what i do with that file and i think it will be ok .
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