Graphics Cards and Dell Computers for *****s

By Auvic
Aug 17, 2008
  1. So I'm currently using a as-generic-as-possible Dell computer that I bought, aptly enough, from the Dell online store. Mind you, this was a few years ago - about 3? 4? - so most of the stuff is rather outdated now. And by outdated, I mean I'm running on about 1gig of RAM and a Pentium 4 processor - and all my video/sound cards are the integrated kind.

    Which is absolutely horrible for just about anything above flash gaming.

    So uh...going from the little Guide to Video Card Upgrading thread, this is...what I've got.

    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 521
    Core Speed: 2793MHz
    Motherboard: Dell Inc.
    Model: 0M3918
    Memory: DDR2 / Dual / 1024 MBytes

    As far as power source / amperage / wattage goes, I really have no clue at all. I can say that I live in Texas, so if anyone from around here as any idea what theirs runs at, I suppose mine'll be similar. o_o;;
    Opened my case up, but I couldn't find anything beside a bunch of 'Made in China' stickers.

    So uh...yeah. I got a Radeon 9800 a while back for another Dell, but it seems like the card just wouldn't fit into any of the slots on this motherboard. Was I doing something wrong? Or is the card simply not compatible? It's running just fine on the other computer...

    Oh. And if I need to go out and get another video card...well. I'm probably in need of a new one - and possibly some RAM while I'm at it. Would 2gigs of RAM be enough for most games? Or do I need 3? I went laptop shopping - didn't get one - a while back, and they pretty much all had 4gigs... should I follow suit?
    And if possible...I'm looking for stuff on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Poor student, etc etc - I mean, I can go possibly as high as 2-300, but anything above that, and I'm stuck.

    Thanks in advance, guys D:
  2. TL93

    TL93 TS Rookie Posts: 52

    There are 3 types of slots in general

    PCI - Standard on EVERY board
    AGP - Graphics Slot on older boards
    PCI-e - The Benchmark for VIdeo Cards, Sound Cards, Everything!

    I'm betting your computer has only PCI but give us your Dell Dimension Model Number and we can help [Computer Model Number from Dell, not anything else]
  3. Auvic

    Auvic TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 132

    Haha - shame on me for forgetting something like that. Shiz.

    I'm running a Dell Dimension 4700.
  4. Auvic

    Auvic TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 132

    +Bump. Ten characters, ew.
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