Graphics for Apple computer

By susanaj
Feb 17, 2009
  1. The kids bought a used computer from their Aunt (should have asked me first about it) and I had to reinstall Win XP(big portions were missing from XP). The problem is that the computer had onboard graphics and I can't find the drivers anywhere so I thought about putting a graphics card in. I found a brand new ATI Radion 9250 on Ebay but the old size video cards are to wide for this case. Would this card work. The system works as it is but the graphics are real funky looking. Can't change the setting.
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    Is the computer an Intel Mac? How is Windows on an Apple computer otherwise? And if it is an Intel Mac then you'd be doing a huge disservice to that computer by putting in as card as old as a 9250.

    If it isn't an Apple computer, then you just need to get the right card for the right slot, your possible options are PCI, AGP, PCIe. I have no idea what one you need because I'm pretty confused about you saying Apple computer.

    Just on the chance you are talking about using a Radeon 9250 from an old Mac (on the used computer from the Aunt) I don't think that will work. You need to get one that isn't designed for Macs, that shouldn't be a problem because 99% of cards aren't for Macs.
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