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Jul 29, 2010
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  1. please, I am new, and probably all I need is a "where to look" and tutorial ... I have Windows XP, I had a system crash and I did a System Restore. I was able to get back most of my files and pictures going through 'F8' , taking 'ownershjp" , etc. Now my problem is that I continue to get LOW DISC SPACE "running out of space on Persario D" I have tried to get rid of all but the last starting point (now that I have my pics and data files back) I have tried "remove all previous starting points" up comes "are you sure... " click YES and nothing happens. My recyle bin is EMPTY as well... I do not have that much on my computer and even deleted a lot of factory installed that I do not use Any help or suggestions? Thanks a lot .... Dan (nashkan)
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    Need to download IOBIT Advanced System Care Free and then run that. There are extra tools also after you press the care button will take care of your system in one step. The extra tools have file space cleaners that will show you what else you can free up? If you search for *.dmp, *.bak, *.GID, *.tmp you can remove these. I won't remove Zero bit files that are needed for the OS and programs. Some *.txt can be remove those take eat up space if you have to many of them. I would copy them all into one file though. When I build a system I disable and delete the system restore cache, Offline Files also. Remove Windows apps like MSN Messager, MSN Browser, Games, Wall-paper, *.cur *.bmp, *.jpg, *.png But make sure what you delete is not needed.

    Also say you did all of that above, you might think it's time to buy a larger HDD. Also scan the system for pest also. Pest like to take up huge space also.
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    thank you... thank you --- there were over 300,000 problems fixed!! still not finished but it has removed over 300.000 things ... I could not keep up! and this was just in BASIC CARE .... GOD BLESS YOU
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    You can give ccleaner a try.
    Aside from that...there is no magic, just delete.
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    I routinely use ATF Cleaner on all our XP computers. Only works on 32-Bit though. I believe the web site is
    I believe I heard about it first at Techspot's forum on Malware years ago.

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