Hackers digging through GTA Online files discover a 'game-killing' vehicle

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A community of GTA Online players dedicated to tearing apart files and digging into the code of every major update to the game have discovered that the latest update titled After Hours includes some hidden features that will probably be introduced officially by Rockstar before too long. The practice of hiding features to be revealed later happens with just about every GTAO update. In fact, it is so regular it has even earned itself the nickname of “drip feeding.”

Two uncovered features that appear to be in the upcoming drip feed for After Hours are vehicles that players are saying will ruin free roam.

One is a combat jet called the “B-11 Strikeforce.” The other is a jet bike called the “Oppressor MK. II.” Of the two new weaponized vehicles, the Oppressor seems to be causing the most controversy. This is because it appears to be a successor to another bike introduced a while back with the same name (sans the "Mk. II" part). Trolls ultimately used that vehicle to grief players in the free-roaming lobby.

According to Kotaku, at least one player has hacked the Oppressor Mk. II into the single-player mode to try it out and says that it is more powerful than the original. In addition to stronger missiles and guns, the Mk. II sports “counter-defense systems” capable of jamming incoming missiles.

Players worry that once trolls get ahold of the weaponized vehicles, free-roam will become unplayable. As such they have taken to Twitter and Reddit begging Rockstar to either not release it or dumb it down.

However, it appears to be too late. As of an hour ago, Rockstar officially announced the new content on it Twitter account.

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I wish all this fun stuff made its way into single player... Would be fun to go through the game again with all this stuff.


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Not going to happen my friend, Multiplayer is where the money is at, where you pay to win through Micro Transactions.
I know... that's why it's a wish. I've tried GTA MP a few times, didn't care for getting killed randomly when I wasn't even fighting anyone. Really frustrating.