Hard Drive Help Request

By scamaral
Feb 9, 2004
  1. Ok so I am building this computer, an AMD system with an ASUS Deluxe mobo, the exact model escapes me A8somethin or other. I am having a problem loading windows. The BIOS detects the hard drive (A western digi 120gig special edition) but when I boot from the Winxp cd it says no hard drive found. I know its hooked up right, IDE cable is right and jumpers and power. Is there something I am missing, Ive never encountered this problem before. HELP Please
  2. Rick

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    It may be necessary to install drivers.. This is espcially true if you have a RAID / SCSI controller. When you first boot from the CD, you will be given the option to install third party RAID / SCSI controller drivers. It will say, "Press F6 to... blah blah"

    Your board probably came with a floppy disk for your disk controller, which you will need to install these drivers.
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