Hasbro will sell a Nerf replica of The Mandalorian's unique Amban phase-pulse blaster...


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Star wars craze: If you're a fan of Disney's critically-acclaimed "The Mandalorian" TV show, there's a good chance you're familiar with the titular main character's fancy Amban blaster rifle. While it'll probably be a couple decades before you can get your hands on one of those rifles, Nerf hopes to offer you the next best thing today: a foam dart-shooting replica.

Nerf has taken plenty of creative liberties with its take on this famous weapon, but that's to be expected. Nerf's 'guns' require much different internal engineering to function, so a few design compromises are essential. For example, it has a different color scheme (it is white and orange, which helps differentiate it from a real firearm), a shorter barrel, and a bit more overall bulk than the real TV prop.

None of these changes are likely to matter that much to Nerf's target audience (which is primarily composed of kids), and talented DIYers can always re-paint and otherwise modify the toy to bring it more in line with the weapon from The Mandalorian.

The toy gun is around 50 inches in length, and can be fitted with two AAA batteries if you want some flashy (but non-essential) sound effects. It appears to be a single-shot rifle, boasting a pop-up loading tray, and it has a scope that probably won't be of much use to anyone.

It's unclear how far Nerf's latest licensed product will shoot (probably not very), but reports claim it'll accept standard Nerf Elite darts, so you won't need to purchase any special ammo to make it work.

If you want to get your hands on this faux-blaster, it'll be available for pre-order today for $120. If you grab one, just know that it isn't expected to launch until sometime in the Fall of 2021, so you'll have quite a wait ahead of you.

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Is this powerful
Probably not in a standard configuration, no. Nerf tends to, well, nerf their products. They have weaker springs, as well as governors on the airflow so that once the part loses contact with the plunger, the airflow is cut-off. This keeps the dart speed (and company liability) low.

Usually, the first things modders change are the springs and pulling out the governors. More serious ones will get into barrel swaps or mods that are designed to increase pressure behind the dart, while reducing the friction of the dart along the barrel walls. Some will even try getting rifling in the barrel. I've also seen more robust and smoother trigger mechanisms, as well as changes to the reloading and dart capacities, but these changes are much more specific to each Nerf gun.