Have win 95 cannot get 98 to upgrade

By ronk
Dec 18, 2004
  1. I have an older computer with win 95 on it - I want to upgrade to win 98 as I have some programs that will not run on system after win 98. When I try to upgrade it says cannot (error SU0168). I do not have the disks for the variou hardware items on the machine - sdo want to upgrade as opposed to wiping the disk clean and losing those drivers - and some programs I do not have install disks for. How can I upgrade and save those items - also have th r/w on the machne (read only) thanks in advance for any time and assistance

  2. Liquidlen

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    Take some time and Download drivers you should be able to get everything you need .
    Then do a clean install it is worth it in the long run. You are going to have to for most stuff anyway Win 98 is much different than 95. and you will have less problems down the road.
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