HDD just went blank

By DjKraid
Nov 13, 2008
  1. Hi!

    I sat yesturday and made a Power Point presentation and ctrl+s now and the so if the that I wouldn't loos anything if the computer would crash...and then a little bit after 4am the music just died...I opened "This Computer" and one of the HDDs were missing...the one where all the music was and where I saved the pp presentation :/ I went to the Device Manager and klicked on the Scan for hardware (or what ever it is) en nothing so I went down for reboot...the computer didn't start, NTLDR is missing...reboot again and went in to the BIOS "hardware manager" and found 1/1 IDE HDD, 1/1 DVD-Drive and 1/2 Sata HDD...or it found 2/2 but one of them had no name or model no: or anything...if there would have been nothing connected to the sata port it should have said "NONE" or something like that but it was just empty, no text at all...so I tried to "refresh/scan for hardrive" in the bois but then the bios just jammed...so I changed the SATA cabel and switshed it to another sata port and still the same result :( so what next...hmm...I took the hdd out and put it in to my other computer and it booted up just fine but when I opened "This Computer" and tryed to access the hdd windows just jammed....reboot to bios and the hdd was blank, no name,no size no nothing so "scan for harddrive" = bios jammed...

    So i just lost all my school stuff...all my music...all the backups....and the one thing that pi****s me off the most is that all the hours I worked just went to nothing and that I had to show the pp presentation at school the next day and it was too late to start from the beginning...so I'm totally f****d :(

    now the question is that is there any wat to retrieve anything from the hdd?

    sorry for the long text and sorry for the bad spelling! -it really isn't my day


    HDD: Western Digital, SATA @ 3Gb/s, 3 months old

    don't blame overheating or something like that...max. temp. 26 (Celcius)


    The hdd came back to life...almost...ther's only 1 partition now and it's not NTFS, RAW, FAT, FAT32 or something that linux uses, it's "Unknown"...and there's only one patition but there should be two :/ and when it's connected the computer is very sloooow but when i take the hdd avay the computer gets really fast...
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    If i understand your explanation, you said you have an IDE drive containingthe O/S on your first system, a SATA drive containing your documents/backups, and a second system with another drive, type not specified.

    This is what you would do on the first system: Run a repair installation with your windows cd, i guess uou are using windows xp, very easy to repair. you would do thesame with the other system but make sure the SATA drive is not installed yet while doing the repair. Then your systems should come back to live.

    About the SATA drive and the backups inside it, try connecting another SATA drive you are sure of, if it doesn't work then your SATA driver might be corrupted or missing. But if it works, try connecting your own SATA drive now. If it still doesn't work, it might be dead. Say bye to it or see some expert for data recovery on dead drives. Hope this will be of help.
  3. DjKraid

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    the problem is the sata hdd, it woan't work even if I connect it to another computer. I had the hdd in two partitions, one for windows and the other one for docs, music and some cd-backups, that's why it couldn't boot, found no hdd (...missing NTLDR).

    The hdd is blank and when I try to connect it to something and use it/do something with it (the hdd) the computer that it's connected to jams...

    -here is an example of how the bios looks, but the I don't know the real names on the drives but you should get the point...




    SATA 1: WD320GB
    SATA 2:
    SATA 3: NONE
    SATA 4: NONE
    SATA 5: NONE
    SATA 6: NONE

    it's the sata2...just empty and it should be the same as the sata1
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