HDD seen in BIOS and device manager but can't access it


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Suddenly one of my hdds dropped from windows(7) ,it shows as failed
in disc management and cant be reactivated from there

Tho its seen in a bios boot and in device manager ( even says device is working properly )

When i checked bios i did it in 2 ways , with and w/out bad hdd hooked up
To hook it up , i unplugged a working sata port 0 - ST31000528As-1000.2GB
and hooked problem HDD to that sata port , when i rebooted into bios and
checked what i seen on port 0 was now ST3500320AS-500.1GB

Does this seemingly point to fact this is the problem HDD being seen in bios ?

now i decided to check Ie Device manager , and it shows 2 ata devices named ST3500320AS so to assure myself , i boot down , unhook problem drive and
reboot , now in device manager disc drives i see only one named ST3500320AS ,
when i re hook the problem hdd device manager shows both again

So it appears device manager and bios see this HDD thats giving me nite mares
i ve tried active undelete and BadCopy Pro . But obv. theyd fail as windows isnt seeing this drive

As in my re search of last several weeks ive heard the SATA drive may be taking
itself off line if Windows try to access it too much , and that a sata2usb bay/cable(s) may sort me out here as im told some have had success when hooked in the traditional way a sata drive fails .If this is possible i wont mind
another purchase , but the software has already set me back a fair bit

PS ive seen the youtube video on swapping out the pcb , but im also told matching a pcb is near impossible , and it shows no physical damage i can see ,

it seems a huge long shot its the pcb , i also hear drive getting power , and once or 2x i heard access noise .

Any further direction in this matter is appreciated