HDMI-connect from PC to HDTV?

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Feb 3, 2010
  1. I have the MSI's MS7368 motherboard which has the hdmi jack,but when I connect it to the TV I don't get a signal? b)then when I connect thru my video card using DVI to hdmi adapter and then connect to hdmi on tv I don't get any sound? can someone help explain why on both accounts?I don't understand why from the pc using hdmi direct to the hdtv does not get a signal? Is there some other device that I need in order to connect my pc to my hdtv using hdmi.the tv is a magnavox 27"in. lcd flat screen 1080p capable,it has two hdmi jacks a, 9 pin serial connector for a monitor/w-separate audio jack for the pc but it also has hdmi so why can't i get a signal using the hdmi cable from the onboard hdmi jack to the tv direct?
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    1) Because the picture on your PC goes through the video card, not the onboard graphics.
    2) Because DVI doesn't transmit sound.
  3. pw2much

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    Yes I believe I just solved how to connect everything right,I had the speakers on Hdmi connect instead of on the regular stereo speakers, but why wouldn't it work when I connected directly thru the HDMI from pc to tv? the on board hdmi doesn't work if you connect direct! I can't recieve a signal on the tv doing it that way and I thought that I should. Wait you mean if I remove the video card and use the onboard graphics I can use the first connect (direct) hdmi to hdmi?
  4. pw2much

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    I think I've solved the second connect problem and got the sound working! but wait you mean if I take out or disable the video card and use the on board graphics and the hdmi on board to the tv then situation #1 will work properly?
  5. dividebyzero

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    I assume your video card is nVidia. To support sound you need to connect the S/PDIF on the card to the 2 pin S/PDIF header on the motherboard. A brief guide here
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