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Mar 5, 2010
  1. on the ps3 when I have the Blue-tooth headset on all the voice come through the headsets and not the TV speakers but the sound goes through the speakers is there a way to do this for a PC game like say playing bf bc2 and using vent or just do it within the bf bc 2 game itself?
  2. dr1zzt05

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    no one has and info?
  3. sw123

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    Umm well, your post was a little bit odd as far as the grammar, but ill try to understand and help you

    Im not sure whether Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has any in-game voice. But vent is a good choice also.

    It depends on the reliability. I would try it out, and see if A) It has in-game voice. and B) it is reliable in-game voice. For example, WoW has in game voice, but this generally doesnt work for MMOs, and so many guilds use Ventrilo for in-game voice.

  4. dr1zzt05

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    what i'm trying to say, sorry if i was foggy before, But with the computer if you plug in a headset/mic combo you get all sound into the headset speakers. With the xbox 360 you plug your headset into the controller and only the voices of other people playing come into the headset the sfx come through the tv speakers as normal. with the ps3 I have a pair of bluetooth headset/mic combo again same thing when active only their voice comesinto the headset. What I asking if theres a way to do the same thing have the sfx of the game in my 7.1 surround sound and have lets say vent only go into the headset/mic combo that way I can hear people while still clearly hear the game also.
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    If you have the Asus m2A-VM that it's most likely a GHUT8G654-AM transfer rate at 600MHz / sec with a BUS speed at 900 RPU_k you need to core the clock out of the chip set and see if your clocked for the GHUT8G654-AM or the AHYY768FKL-AM because there clocks differ by about 80 MHz / sec and bus is incompatible with the SDRAMDDR3

    hope this helped
  6. dividebyzero

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    I can't possibly see how.
  7. nismo91

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    how about center channel output? im using 5.1 and if i recall correctly, some app like windows live messenger and skype only give the voice to the center channel. same goes with newer games.
  8. dr1zzt05

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    i'll have to check the center channel thing havn't thought bout that thanks
  9. nismo91

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    before i forgot, in some games, the voice is not only available on the center channel, but according to where the person speak. so if you do not face the narrator, it would be useless because it will not send the voice to the center channel.
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