Heat Sink Fan just stopped working?...Help!

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Dec 16, 2007
  1. I just recently built a new machine
    Gigabyte 945
    Intel Duo Core 2.33 E6550
    8500 GT Nvidia pci express
    1 Gb DDR 667
    550 W power supply
    80 Gb Sata drive
    Windows XP SP2

    This morning i put it all together and took it into the house to boot up. Everything booted up fine, it posted and everything. I installed the mobo drivers and video card drivers then left the house right after, ( i left the computer on as well when i was gone). I was gone for about 3 hours, came home, computer was still on running fine and sat right back down and started to install all my programs.

    Then out of nowhere the cpu fan alarm goes off while i'm downloading AVG and i look into my computer and my heat sink fan isn't running anymore. So i quickly shut off the Computer and unplugged it. I looked inside to see if anything might of came loose but nothing.

    Every time i boot up now the alarm immediately goes off and i look at the fan and it spins in spurts, like 3 seconds spurts. I have no idea what is going on, as i left my computer on earlier for close to 4 hours with no problems. Also to note this is the stock fan that came with the CPU in the box.
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    I suggest RMAing the CPU. Since you just got all the parts then just do that and get another one. Or if you want you can just get a different fan and heatsink for it. It would be better than stock anyway. But it will void the warranty, at least it will for my AMD CPU.
  3. xf1fty1ne

    xf1fty1ne TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so just buy a new heat sink and clean off my processor with some alcohol and a lintless cloth and i should be good right?
  4. i see someone has done their homework indeed :D

    it's nice to see that once in a while.

    yeah you're absolutely right. you need a cleaning agent that won't leave residue (i.e. alcohol because it evaporates and does so quickly). and the lintless cloth will remove it all nicely.

    buy that new heat sink and fan, and reapply the thermal paste, stick it all together and plug the fan in and you're all set.

    just make sure you follow the instructions with the thermal paste. i assume you read them based off that last response you gave.

    only apply a small thin strip of paste across the middle of the chip, directly over the cores. slap on the heat sink and rotate it to spread the paste around a little.

    turn the comp on for only about...maybe the daylight hours, turn it off overnight, and allow the thermal paste to go through its cycles and get broken in. after about a week of that, it will settle in and start cooling efficiently and leave you with a computer running hopefully at or below 40 degrees celcius.

    if you're going to buy a new heat sink and fan, you may want to read up on the "Which Heatsink should I buy?" article on the forums.

    and for the fan, i recommend zalman. they're an excellent fan maker. i wouldn't trust very many others.
  5. samjohnson

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    I agree with link. The zalman fans are indeed some good fans. I don't think they have a single bad review on them on newegg.
    At least someone replied about how to clean the CPU off cuse I didn't know... well now I do. :D
  6. xf1fty1ne

    xf1fty1ne TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks guys, thanks for the link....will do.

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