HELP ASAP PLEASE- Seagate Serial HD Help

By NoLimit99RBS
Dec 25, 2004
  1. I just purchased all the parts and built a new computer including a Serial ATA 80 GB Seagate HD into an ASUS A8V Deluxe Motherboard. I used the program from Seagate to format the HD and the computer recognizes the HD but when I try to boot Windows XP, it says that there is no Hard Drive and Windows XP Setup cannot continue.
    I am not very familiar with SATA HD's so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    The search feature is your friend.. Try it with words like sata windows xp install.

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    I responded to this problem of yours in the other thread about SATA WIN XP install problems. View it for my advice. It could be that you haven't enabled SATA ROM on your Mobo. You must do this 1st before going through with the XP install & hitting the F6 to load the drivers for your SATA.

    Here, I copied -n-pasted it for you.

    " The message you received is b/c you probably didn't ENABLED your SATA ROM in your BIOS. Depending on what Motherboard you have, go into BIOS & find INTERGRATED PERIPHALS, once inside look for something that says ONBOARD DEVICES, then look for SATA ROM & make sure that it is enabled.
    I have a BIOSTAR KNHA Pro mobo, that's how mine is setup. I also disabled everything else the ONBOARD DEVICES such as Firewaire, USB, AUDIO< MODEM,NIC & just ENABLED the SATA ROM. Reason was b/c during the 2nd stage of WIN XP setup I was receiving error messages which didn't allow me to continue install, so I disabled everything except the SATA ROM, worked perfectly.

    Also if this works for you & WIN XP installs completely, & it states to remove any FD & hit ENTER to boot up into XP. make sure that when the PC reboots you enter your BIOS again & go into your Boot sequence & only enable your SCSI & disable all other Boot sequences. XP recognizes SATA HD's as SCSI devices, not HD's.

    For example in my Mobo BIOS it gives me the option to set 3 boot sequences in order of 1-3 for my boot sequence.

    So in slot #1 it is set to (1)SCSI
    slot #2 it is Disabled & so on so forth. So it looks like this....


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