HELP! Cant get onto windows? :(

By Rossi79
Apr 12, 2007
  1. Hi All,

    Right,My friend has just called me about a pc i built up for him a few months ago,he said he was on it last night everthing was fine,then he tried booting it up this morn,and he got a black screen with writting on it saying something along these lines-"Your system couldnt boot up,or your system shut down due to maybe a hardware failure ect ect...please choose the following,Start windows from last known good configuration or start windows normally"
    Please note i only trying to remember what he said on the phone!
    I do have an idea what message it is,and i told him to try both options (last known/start normally) and he says it just keeps rebooting and going to the same screen?
    Strange thing is,is that this is what happened to his old pc,that is why i built him another with all new parts in it,please note that he is completely computer iliterate,he only really knows how to turn it on ect,and browse the internet!
    If anyone could give me a few ideas on what to do when i go down tmoz i would be very greatfull.

    Many Thanks,


    P.S - hope this kinda makes sense to someone out there!
  2. jwinathome

    jwinathome TS Rookie

    So this is a completely different PC, or were there any parts used from the old PC?
  3. Rossi79

    Rossi79 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes completely new,no parts from old pc were used in new one.

    Thanks for your reply,any ideas?

  4. windmill007

    windmill007 TS Rookie Posts: 308

    Sounds like soemthing got hosed in windows. Maybe he has a failing hard drive or could just be something he is downloading again onto the new system that is messing up windows. If you try all the selections and still can't get in I would maybe do a windows repair on it. Then run spyware scan on it and explain how to be carefull at certain sites and downloading things.
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