Help Installing HDD/Windows XP

By alexandriaz
Nov 6, 2007
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    My HDD is failing, it did not pass the long diagnostics test. Im certain its the HDD so Ive bought a new one, Maxtor Basics ATA/100, 300GB, it seems pretty simple to install, just follow the instructions, it even comes with MaxBlast where I can clone my original HDD to my new one. I have three choices to use, 1. Installing new boot drive or replacing a failed drive, 2. Existing system with original boot, or 3. Additional Storage. which would be best number 1 or 2?

    My question is or concerns really is once I have the HDD installed will there be anything special configurations needed to be done when installing Windows XP or will it be as simply as popping in the CD and following the onscreen instructions? Configuring the BIOS sounded fairly simple. If anyone has any good advice or can tell me anything I should know before trying this myself would be greatly appreciative!!
    Thanks in advance.

    OH, last thing Ive transferred all my written data I want to save onto a CD but how do I use Nero 8 to burn my pictures onto a CD? do I use burn to image or use the Super Video CD?
  2. poertner_1274

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    Regarding backing up your data, simply create a CD-ISO disc, or a DVD-ISO disc and burn everything to there. A Super Video CD (SVCD) is used for creating video files on cd, similar to a playable DVD.
  3. alexandriaz

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    do I use this to back up my pictures too? Ive already backed up my all my data like documents and notes and paper files but I need to know if I use the CD ISO disc to transfer all mt 100's of family photos?

  4. poertner_1274

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    Correct. CD ISO will allow you to add any file types to the disc, as long as you do not exceed the disc size.
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