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By Death Dream
Jan 15, 2008
  1. I'm going to make this short, I installed linux on one of my partitions with windows XP on it. My Linux froze up and I had to kill the power (yes I know). Now my Boot.ini file is all fed up beyond belief.

    So I launch the recovery console and get the following error when I type "bootcfg /rebuild"

    "Failed to successfully scan disk for windows installations. This error may be caused by a corrupt file system which would prevent boot.cft from successfully scanning, use chkdisk to detect any error."

    So I went and put in chkdisk as the next command and got the next error:

    "Autochk.exe could not be located put in the location including drive letter it is in"

    I have no idea where this file is so I just put C:\Windows and it didn't find it needless to say.

    Any ideas? I still have a Live CD with Sabayon Linux on it too if that will help me at all.

    I did fixmbr as well and it said it fix it but it didn't.

    Thanks in advance,
    Death Dream
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  3. Death Dream

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    Ok I did the first one already thus why I said I already did that in my first post with the bootcfg command.

    Second, my computer is an OEM, I have to use floppy disk to even get to that blue screen setup window and I can not go the "Enter" path without the disk it seems.

    Any other ideas please?

    I don't know if this helps at all but when it says invaild boot.ini file it then says booting from C:\windows\ and then it sends me to the seen where you can either do a safe boot or last know good config .. all that stuff.

    Everytime it hits the splash screen the computer reboots.

    I booted up into safe mode to get te list of files to see what it crashes at and when it said Loading SPTD it rebooted.

    ~Death Dream~
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