Help me, I've done the dumbest thing in my computer

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May 26, 2005
  1. Help me, I've done the dumbest thing in my computer I alt+f4ed system restore....

    *sigh* i didn't have a hard time when it came to viruses and worms...but my problem now is the biggest one i've ever had, and it's all because of my curiosity.

    I recently solved the problem with my network adapter. It was just a matter of connections and certain settings and drivers. I system restored, as the computer was performing the task, i wondered what will happen if i cancelled it.........well.....i my keyboard doesn't work in log in screen....i tried absolutely all boot options, from going into safe mode {w/networking,command prompt} recent settings that worked, etc. all of which led me to the bootup screen where my mouse and keyboard don't please help me with this problem...i'd hate to ask some technician and pay for it unless there's no other choice.

    Not sure if this will help but...
    1gb ddr ram
    160gb hd
    p4 2.6ghz
    128mb vid card gforce ummm..forgot
    epox motherboard
    xp pro

    *btw, i live in an apartment with 3 computers so if there are things that needed to be downloaded or done that requires another computer, it won't be a problem since i can use the other ones.

    Please help O__O i know i did something dumb, and i'm paying for it by being constantly bothered by my mind which keeps telling me how stupid I was for doing that. PLEASE!~!~ help! lol! THANKS in advance!
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    Have you ever wondered....?

    1)What would happen if you threw a plugged in TV into your bath whilst you were in it?

    2)What would happen if you smeared your face with jam and jumped off of a tall building?

    3)What would happen if you held your breath for over 5 minutes?

    4)What would happen if you swallowed an entire bottle of asprin?

    5)What would happen if you tangled your naked genitals over a piranha tank?

    Why don't you try these things too?

    Best advice I can give with computers and these kinds of experiments is don't do it. You will be lucky if things work properly at all, never mind if you try to make them fail. Failure is waiting behind every corner with computers. Don't invite failure into your PC.
  4. Choopeh

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    O____O hmmm...i'll try that

    Anyways yeah i will NEVER EVER EVER do any sort of stuff like that again.......NEVER!@ I really learned my lesson this time! BTW thanks soo much realblackstuff!! *sigh* i thought i was gonna pay up..phew! Now i'm gonna try to help out people in this forum ^__^. THis is the first forum that has helped me with my stupid problem so far.
  5. Phantasm66

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    Sorry I took the mickey a little, I am glad you got your problem sorted.

    Believe me, I have had my fair share of accidents over the years as well.
  6. Choopeh

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    NP there! :approve: I really don't mind being reminded bout common sense when the things i've done are really stupid and pointless. :grinthumb
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