HELP ME! my computer wont power on anymore after installing new mobo.

By geno2k3
Jan 8, 2006
  1. Well, id like to give you guys a deep discription on what happend. I have a EMACHINES T2200, amd athlon xp +2200, 1024 gb ram, 250w psu, geforce 6800.

    My friend sent me a new motherboard with a new processor, a pentium 4 3.0 ghz. I wanted to install the new mobo myself, so i removed all the parts from my old cpu, removed the screws from the mobo, and found that it was stuck to my case. So i decided to get one of my old broken pcs and remove all the parts just to use the case. I removed all the parts from the old case, and installed my new mobo. I fitted it with my 250w psu, my 1024 gb of ram, my soundcard, and my geforce 6800. I had a internet guide helping me, but it wasnt that usefull. Every time i put the power cord into the back of the power supply, the fans would turn on, and it seemed like everything was working. The internet guide told me to not to have the HD and the CD rom cables attached to the MOBO, so i left them off. I messed around with the Case connectors (power on, h.d.d led, speakers, ect ect) And finaly got it working, it took me up to the starting screen, then i went to BIOS, and exited out of bios to the "EMACHINES / P4" Logos, then it asked me for a cd like WIN XP. I realized that the CD ROM and the HD werent attached to the mobo, so i pulled the plug on the PSU (from the back) and pluged the CD cables into the MOBO. I plugged the Power cable back into the Powersupply, NOTHING, Tried again, NOTHING, tried to mess with the case connector cables, NOTHING. Then i even tried to put the psu back into my emachines case, still got nothing. Im thinking the powersupply is dead, PLEASE HELP ME!
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    please delete this, i posted it in the correct fourm already, sorry. (this is a duplicate post)
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