help!!!!! my computer wont boot :( no beeps

By cow_guy ยท 11 replies
Mar 4, 2006
  1. Athlon XP 1800+
    MS8157E mobo
    new DDR PC2700 256mb 333mhz * 2
    GF MX 4400 AGP 4x
    4gb HDD * 2
    20gb HDD
    new 350w Power Supply

    the problem is that my computer isnt booting at all. no beeps no post. my fans spin and i can hear the hard drive spinning.

    ive tried unplugging everything but the motherboard and monitor and still nothing. ive replaced the ram and the power supply. ive also replaced the cmos battery. ive tried resetting the cmos. ive checked to see if it was grounding out. ive tried taking out the vid card and resetting the cmos and just using the mobo vid but still nothing... :( i dont have a diff mobo or cpu to test on.

    any help??
  2. filipmike33

    filipmike33 TS Member Posts: 34

    Ive had the same problem. Turns out that it was a bad mobo that was shipped to me.
  3. cow_guy

    cow_guy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the mobo fans work and ive had it working for about a yr :( then it just quite on me so idk
  4. Coolmatt

    Coolmatt TS Rookie Posts: 66

    My first question is, is this new or did this start happening after you had the mobo for a while? If the mobo is new and its doing this then chances are the Mobo is faulty. I had a problem like that but it was either the processor or the video card for me.
  5. filipmike33

    filipmike33 TS Member Posts: 34

    I really think its your mobo. When i had the same problem my mobo fan also works, just nothing comes on the screen. Im sure others may agree with me.
  6. cow_guy

    cow_guy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh and i replaced my cmos battery today also.
  7. baddmr2

    baddmr2 TS Rookie Posts: 33

    If It Wont Boot To Post With Nothing Attached...definetly Bad Mobo!!!

    From What All You Have Tried, Especially The Power Supply.. Just Booting From The Mobo With nothing Attached To The Mobo Other Than The Monitor, Keyboard And Mouse.. And Still Wont Boot To Post, (bios).. Then definetly Bad Mobo... U Using Intel Chip Or Athalon? I Have An Extra Athalon Mobo Here..its A Shuttle An35n-ultra. Just In Case You Need One And It Fits What U Have And Are Interested.. Just Trying To Help Out. U Can Do A Search For The Mobo Name On Google And It Will Give U All The Specs. Good Luck Man! Ive Been There!!!!!!!
  8. baddmr2

    baddmr2 TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Sent you a P.M. also.

    let me know how u are making out... I sent you a private message with some info for you if you are interested.

    The Exact same thing happened to me before!! 3 times!! first time it was the power supply.. (upgraded to 550watt now!) then it was bad stick of ram, then it was my mobo.. If it wont boot to bios or give u anything on the screen with nothing attached but the monitor, and u have replaced the P.S., then sorry, but BAD mobo :(
  9. baddmr2

    baddmr2 TS Rookie Posts: 33

    one more q..

    where are u located? And whatever you do..... DONT take it to a puter repair shop!!! they will KILL you with replacement parts and labor! Not very many repair shops will sell u a MOBO and let u put it in yourself.. And trust me, its hard to find a mobo for your application without ordering online.

    Once again

  10. cow_guy

    cow_guy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    just about the only things i havent tried is changing out the processor or the motherboard. i have a motherboard that fits the socket but im not sure that works either. its socket A but they dont really make athlon xp + anymore. o and lincoln park michigan.
  11. baddmr2

    baddmr2 TS Rookie Posts: 33

    I hear ya.. Same boat i was in.. No replacement mobo or chip to find out what was the actual problem.. I think its your mobo..but could be both or just chip. I went through HELL finding another MOBO that would accept my xp 3000+ chip... The MOBO i bought from a local shop was orginally going to sell me just the mobo and let me put it in myself.. Then, the next day, his co-worker called me and said that He didnt feel comfortable just selling me the mobo and letting me put it in.. so he said he would do it for free. I knew there had to be a catch!... Well.. when i went to pick it up later that night (which leaving the tower there was my BIGGEST mistake!!!!!), he told me that the new mobo wouldnt support my chip so he had to keep the amd duron xp 3000 chip in it.. He said... I did all the work for free!!!! but charged me 325.00 for the mobo and chip!!!! I was F.......ING outraged!!!! I didnt know what to do... I needed my puter badly! he gave me back the shuttle mobo and my chip. I then contacted the place i told u about that gave me the bad bios flash (that was all that was wrong with the board) and they 2nd day air'd me a new bios chip with the new bios flash on it!! It is socketed, so it is replaceable!! What made me even more furious was that after 2 days, I decided to try my old chip (the incompatible one, so he said) in the new mobo and bingo!!!!,,, It worked FLAWLESSLY!!! I STILL HAVE IT IN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!

    I wanted so bad to shove my tower down that guys throat!! But i didnt know what to do other than take him to court, which would cost more than it is worth. Oh it was HELL.. Thats why I will NEVER bring my puter to a shop again.. I am very good at puter building and have built about 10 so far, but with the bad bios flash chip, i had no options to get my puter working ASAP other than a new motherboard

    And yes, amd xp chips are getting hard to come by.. I have that bundle if you are interested.. its the shuttle MOBO and the AMD Duron xp 3000 chip... Its way faster than what u have now.. And i kept the box, instructions and driver disk for it.

    Let me know how u make out

    Good luck
  12. baddmr2

    baddmr2 TS Rookie Posts: 33

    forgot to tell u.. U said ure in michagin... Im in MA, 45 mins from Albany NY

    Just to let u know
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