Help - My PC is getting the BSOD

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Aug 26, 2009
  1. Hi experts!
    I recently purchased a new pc and since then it has intermittently giving the BSOD.
    I need some good advice regarding the crashes that I have been experiencing. Here are the attached minidumps. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. B00kWyrm

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    Hello Eto... Welcome to Techspot.

    It looks like your issues began with a McAfee update (UpdaterUI.exe) on 8/18.
    It is unusual for trusted security programs to fail in this way.
    Usually there is another cause, either hardware or malware.

    Your second error on 8/18 specifically called out Memory Corruption.

    On 8/23 you had a failure related to your Graphics drivers (nvsvc32.exe) which spcifically said it was a hardware error.
    Your errors on the 26th continue to point at memory issues. (Bad Pool Header, and Bad Pool Caller).
    The bad pool caller error could come from a defective memory chip, or from a driver incompatibility with your hardware.

    Since you are running XP, SP3, we will check for hardware issues first.
    I am hoping you are keeping up with the ongoing updates.

    1. I would suggest that you start with your BIOS settings; make sure that you are not overclocked or over/under voltage.

    2. Then I would suggest that you proceed with Memtest...
    Run it on each stick of RAM, with any others removed. This will isolate any memory issues. Follow the Tutorial!
    You need to let it run for a minimum of 7 full passes of 8 tests each. This is time consuming.
    Start it before going to bed, and hopefully it will be done, or nearing completion, in the morning.
    If you have any errors, you can stop the run, and move to the next stick of RAM. Any errors means that the module must be replaced.

    3. If this does not reveal faulty RAM, I would suggest next "stress testing" your Video card.
    This tool was recently suggested by another of our volunteers... (thanks Snowchick7669)...

    4. Sometimes, overheating can cause unusual errors. Since your errors are of several types, all with a hardware connection, I would suggest next getting a utility like Everest to check your operating temps. It is a free utility and you can download it right here

    I am headed out of town now and will be gone for the weekend, but hopefully one of the other volunteers here will be able to help you further.

    Please repost with your results...
    1. Bios settings check.
    2. Memtest results.
    3. Video Stress test result.
    4. Everest Results

    Good Luck
  3. eto

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    bookwyrm thanks so much for the advice. Yes, I am keeping up with updates for my bios and OS. I will do the memtest first and will keep you posted. By the way, i just had the mobo and powersupply replaced yesterday and just mins ago i had this same bsod. Kindly see attached dmp file.
  4. lordrichy

    lordrichy TS Rookie

    My Computer is messed up

    I am new to this so i do not know any other place to put this message but I play Renaissance Kingdoms and Native Kingdoms and then when I was logged on into their forums I was playing and when i tried to scroll it zoomed in instead and then when i click on a button it starts up another window.
  5. B00kWyrm

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    Hello Eto...
    How is it going?
    Wanting to make sure any hardware issues have been resolved before going on...

    Based on your last minidump, I have some more suggestions.
    It appears that WOW and your graphics drivers are not "playing nicely together".
    You might try updating, (or rolling back)... DirectX and /or accelerator drivers
    You might visit the WOW forums and see if there have been any other reports, and how they were resolved.
    You might start your own thread in the WOW forums.
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