Help needed with malware / HJT+ComboFix+AVG Antispyware logs

By yunyunsarang_
Mar 13, 2008
  1. Help needed: malware.. HJT+ComboFix+AVG Antispyware logs

    Hello there!

    Well, like the thread title says: i need help.
    I've recently got messages from Avast! Antivirus saying: VBS: Malware-gen detected in your system! I have tried to delete it several times only by using Avast, but of course it doesn't help.

    I tried to look info about malware and i came here and found the tutorial (Viruses/Spyware/Malware, preliminary removal instructions) how to delete it. I am now done with all the steps and i hope i have done them all right. I'm a 16-year-old girl from Finland, so my english is not the best, esp. computer words might be hard.

    The problems i have been having with the computer lately (Fujitsu Siemens + Windows XP):
    -The internet connection seems to be slow
    -If i open about 5 or more new tabs in Firefox, only one to three of the web sites load normally. The others don't even access the site.
    -My mum's Windows user account (or what it is in english?) didn't work for few days. Everytime she tried to sign in to her account, it got stuck. The same is happening to my dad's account. My mum's account is working now, but many things got deleted.

    I must say too that Avast! is still telling me that i have a malware in the computer.
    Because you requested in the tutorial, I also saved the results of Panda Antirootkit scan and it said that there were NO ROOTKITS FOUND.

    I would really appreciate if you who know computers better could help me!
    Thank you already and please tell me if i have done anything wrong in the deleting.

    ++there are some words in finnish in the log files.
    ask me for a translation, if needed.
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