Help Please! audio card disabled!

By betaomega1990
Jul 16, 2007
  1. VIDEO CARD** ok i got this game, and it wouldnt work, it said it couldnt load the opengl subsystem. well i put 'couldnt load opengl subsystem' into google to see if i could find a remedy to the problem, and one said to go to properties->settings->advanced->adapter and then disable it. i did, then i rebooted it. it changed to a small resolution and i tryed to renable it and just remove the game, but it looked like a sort of, back-up video but i looked at the adapter thing again and it said something different, but it said alot of the stuff was unavailable. i looked to find how to renable the original video and i put it on disable and put ok and i tryed to exit settings and i accidently rebooted the computer with like, no graphics i guess.. so now im screwed.. i tryed pressing f8 at the boot thing and enable VGA mode but it didnt work so if you can help, PLEASE do! i really need my laptop for my JC- i also tryed the devmgmt.msc keyboard guided tour to do it blind but now i have like no hope because i feel like iv tryed it all.. i need this computer >=P
  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    The first thing that you MUST do, is to translate what you are saying into a more understandable version if this milleniuyms's
  3. pdyckman@comcas

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    I am sorry, I was not able to finish...It's hard to understand what you are explaining. Good Luck
  4. betaomega1990

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    ok i edited it. sorry
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