Help please! Laptop keeps on freezing.

By BurnleyFC_Shaun
Jan 27, 2007
  1. Hey all,

    I have a bit of a problem with my Advent 7108 laptop. My system restore was not working so I went into: Start --> Control Panel --> Performance and Maintenence --> Administrative tools then double clicked Computer Management. After I double clicked computer management my screen went all fuzzy and my laptop froze. I took the battery out as there was no other way of restarting the computer then logged on as normal again. In the matter of a minute the laptop went all fuzzy again and froze, it keeps on doing this each time I get onto my desktop after loading my laptop.

    Thanks in advance, Shaun.
  2. tipstir

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    The problem with system restore, is that if you have loaded programs and Windows hot-fixes since you last you'll have some problems. See I don't use system restore, what I would have done was reboot the system or power down or did what you did take out the battery and unplug the system. Press F8 after the boot screen go into Safe Mode without networking. Doing that and then deleting your profile (username) for that laptops should clear up the problem.

    The system will re-create a new profile when you type the same screen name and password. What changes though is History, Favorites, Desktop, Cookies, but Program Files will still be available and My Documents.

    In your case your system is all messed up, you'll have to re-install Windows XP back onto the system. I would recommend using the opensource WIPE program to remove any files or junk off the HD. So you can start fresh. If you want to save files you could get a 2.5 HD Converter to 3.5HD so you can put this into the and empty drive bay to recover files manually. This is what we do at work for excutive end users who have laptop issues.

    The Converter is cheap online though, not hard to connect. Or you can get another HDD for that system and start with a fresh OS.
  3. BurnleyFC_Shaun

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    I didn't get the Windows XP disk with my laptop, all I had to do is turn it on and I could set it all up from there:(
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