Help Setting Up Dual Boot System (Two OS's)

By damienb
Feb 19, 2007
  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me how to setup a dual boot system? Is it easy?

    I have just built the machine below and have installed Vista Ultimate as the OS. I have now decided that due to the low level of software compatibility with Vista at the moment, that I would also like to install XP Pro on a separate hard disk and create a dual boot system.

    Can anyone give me a step by step guide or something???

    I know exactly how to install an OS on a hard disk and get that up and running but Ive never had two OS's on one machine before.

    At the moment, Vista is installed on my primary HD which is a master.

    If I add in another HD to install XP Pro onto, will it have to be set to master aswell? Ive heard of problems booting a HD that is set to slave with XP????

    Once thats done I need to know how to configure the dual boot setup. Can I have a boot menu show up when I first startup the machine to allow to select which OS I want to use? Even better, can I set it to default boot to one OS unless I hold down a specific F key, in which case it boots to the non-default OS???

    Also, will both HD's show up in both OS's? Eg. In "My Computer" at the moment with just Vista installed it just shows up as the one HD (C Drive). If I install XP on the second HD will it show up as another HD in Vista (say the D Drive)?? And in XP will it do the same but show the main HD as D and secondary as C??

    If there is a way, I would like it to only show the one disk on each OS and both be C if possible???

    Is this very easy to do or a nightmare?? Is it just a case of installing on the new HD and then configuring or am I going to need extra software for this??

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