Help to install an additional cooling Fan

By Ray
Aug 7, 2005
  1. Hi
    My computer runs at normal use at 50 CPU and 37 Case. When playing Doom3 it goes up to CPU 75. I put a small fan against the exterior side of the computer vent and it cooled it down to 59 CPU and 40 case when running Doom3. I have another fan (dumpster diving) which is Nidec TD350dc (40cfm) brand new. It has 3 wires (yellow, black and red) ..... How do I connect it to my existing setup in the computer. Mounting the fan isn't a problem but the wiring isn't clear.
  2. azkickerboi69

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    i think there are socket for this type of fans in your motherboard

    i got 1 in my board
  3. vnf4ultra

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    It sounds like a normal 3pin fan connector to me. They usually connect to the motherboard, if the motherboard has the corresponding port. My motherboard has 4 of these, and older computers usually have at least 1-2.

    If your board doesn't have the connection, they make molex(4pin power off the psu) to 3pin fan power adapters, that should be cheap.
  4. Ray

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    Fans installed


    I never used the fan because of the loose wires ends. By the time I found and put the connector on, it was easier to pick up a mod mutant fan and a 60 fan from the surplus store and install them. I found my motherboard diagram and it had 2 connections open on it. One for the front fan and another for the back fan....that made my life easier. Although I had to cut out part of the back housing to install the fan (60)..I don't like all the fins that were in the case. The side panel had a port from the manufacturer so that was real easy to install the mutant fan. Should I have left the port in and put the fan into the port or was removing the port tube ok? I have to run Doom3 again to see how the temps of the cpu compare now. If all else fails the blue flashing Mod Mutant lite fan looks cool anyways.
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