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help with bluescreen error

By werdo
Nov 1, 2005
  1. Ok, yesterday I was just sitting there not even using the computer when it just restarted. When it did it got past the first bootup screen then said:

    boot failure
    insert disk into drive a:
    press any key when ready

    restarted a few times and nothing happend. so I went to the bios and checked and it detected the HDD. I checked all the cables, and they are good.so I booted with my xp cd and used the repair consoles fixboot and fixmbr commands

    still nothing, so I did a repair install of my windows. Well it fixed the boot failure thing, but now just before it gets going i get a bluescreen error

    I realy need help with this, I know very little about such things. The biggest problem is that I have some unreplaceable data that is not backed up because of the suddeness of the crash. If there is any way to retrieve that data or repair the windows installation temporarilly I would love to know.
  2. werdo

    werdo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry for the double post but i have another question. To get back into windows and retrieve my data I was going to install another windows to the same partition and search for my files and then burn them to disk.

    The problem is, when I install the new windows to a different folder, will it delete an overwrite the my documents folder (it just so happens that is where most of my stuff is saved)? I am worried about this because the my documents folder is a windows folder and the install warned me that it might get deleted. So i changed the folder to wich windows will get installed. but since my documents is under C:\documents and settings not C:\windows(the folder i can change for the new install). will it get overwritten in its default spot by the new install anyway?

    if you can help, please do. Offer opinions even if your not sure because i dont know what to do. Thanks.
  3. Pablo

    Pablo TS Rookie Posts: 16

    easiest thing to do is if you have another computer thats working just hook up the drive on the other computer and then burn the files on a disc that way....if you dont, then the second easiest thing to do would be buy another drive
  4. werdo

    werdo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ya, thats what I decided to do. Im going to buy another drive today.Then im free to do a full format of the second drive and use it for storage.
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