Help with Compac Presario s5000cl please

By christmaslover
Sep 20, 2008
  1. My Compac is acting up very badly, this pc had crashed about 3 years ago, and I pulled it out of storage and put a new hdd in it 2 days ago, the pc then booted and got as far as loading my desktop and all my programs etc (had to activate my copy of windows, had to do it over the phone as my ethernet would not connect???) the pc kept restarting over and over sometimes going straight to my desktop and sometimes going through a scan disk check, the last time it restarted it got to part 2 of the scan disk check kicked off and would not turn back on.

    now I plug it in and the powersupply comes on and all the fans turn on, I see the led lights to my ethernet are on, I see my keyboard lights blink and the light to my cd drive stays on and the hdd working light stays on, I click the on off button and nothing. I have to unplug the pc to turn off the powersupply.

    I had someone helping me in another group that told me to unplug my cd drive and plug pc in see if it booted, plug the cd drive back in and then unplug hdd and plug in pc etc etc, also taking out the pc cards, none of this gave me anything different. I even did the pulling of the memory which I was told would at least give me a beep when I plugged the pc back in. still nothing,

    these are the specs I have for this pc
    Compac Presario
    2600+ (2.13ghz)
    512MB* DDR SDRAM
    80 GB hdd

    The motherboard is a MicroStar
    MS 6390VER :30B

    If you need anymore info just point me in the direction on the mobo to where I can find it and I will post any info you need
    thank you
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  3. christmaslover

    christmaslover TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you so very much I will definatly try this, I have another psu from an emachines as well.

    As I understand it, from the other posts there is no way to tell if a cpu goes bad? and if it is then you need to replace the mobo, correct?

    would you suggest going with a bare bones tower or a mobo, the hdd I want to use is out of my emachines, and would LOVE NOT to lose my files etc on it, the hdd in the compac crashed and after trying for 2 weeks with the compac recovery discs (that I had to order) it would stop half way through last disc and tell me there was a problem to restart with disc one, I figured that hdd is gone,

    again I thank you so much
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