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So i bought this saphire radeon 8500 le 64 mb version off of for a computer i was building. i had problems with the video of the system and i started messing around with all kinds of settings bios jumpers the works. i even replaced the graphics card with a tnt2 that my friend gave me. it was really stupid of me to do and when i figured out the problem was the mother board drivers were outdated and i updated them the video was perfect all the drivers worked it was great. then when i tried to put the 8500 back in and install its drivers i got an error message when i booted up saying card not recognized or invaled video driver. so i tried to put the 8500 into another computer and it woulldnt even boot up. so i am thinking that it might be a problem with a corrupt video bios or something of that nature. it seems that when i use that card in that particular machine it will boot up and show video but its like it is when it first boots into windows for the first time low res low refresh basically really slow graphics. my best guess is the bios is messed up so the card isnt being recognized properly but i cant find the bios for that card anywhere. i was wondering if someone would put in thier imput to the situation and maybe thier diagnoses. thanks so much.


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IMO,,Try the Radeon in a more "User Freindly" OS like win98se.
with winXP if you try swapping to another Chipset,thing get real weird.
Also try a "Repare Install" of XP if that is the OS you are using.
i saw something in your post that i myself came across "i even replaced the graphics card with a tnt2 that my friend gave me"
What was your Original Cipset?
lol, i tried it

unfortunatly my problem was not a fresh install of xp or another os. although i have not tried 98se i dont believe that another os will solve the problem for what was happening was the video card was not even being recognized as a 8500 it was being recognized as default video device even after installing drivers. since then however i have flashed the bios to a radeon 9000 and that seems to be working quite well. although if anyone could by anychance have a link to the sapphire radeon 8500le bios that would be much appreciated because the performance of the 8500le is actually better then the 9000 or even the 9200, lol go figure. thanks so much for your help.
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