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Mar 20, 2007
  1. I believe after finding lewd words I have typed in [porn] on another household computer unless I forgot to clear my history and all these suspicious coincidences don't mean anything i'm being monitored probably over my dlink router. I really SERIOUSLY NEED YOUR HELP. How can I figure out how I'm being monitored what should I do next time I have access to that other computer to confirm it has some monitoring tools on it. I can no longer access workgroup computers for some reason my computer is under shared network but I cant see the computers connected to me. But in this screenshot of various things iv looked up it says my computer is not allowed to be shared but this makes no sense. Tell me all the precautions I can take so no other computer connected to mine over my router can acess my internet history folder or my computer in general. What firewall is easy to configure so I can block any other ips but mine going through my computers files. What can I look up and check on my computer or the other to see if I'm being montired and if another computer has access to this one? Please I'm willing to try anything no matter how complicated. In my dlink config screen where I type in my ip to access it can I put in the other computers IP 2 block it from accessing my computer? What would you all do ?
    and this...don't know if this is a plausible idea or not. Just looking through his history it matched identically to mine. It was strange...I only caught a glimpse but 2 sites were the same. How do I stop all access to my computer . It must be possible even if hes set up passwords to over ride it and give me back access to controlling my network connections.
    edit ps I'v just disabled simple file sharing in my computer > folder options > view . I didn't read this will help but I read it stops file sharing . A good start? . Just found this , before I delete account if I even can is it safe to say this is what is helping give access to my computer?
  2. D@nny

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    this is serious I found my C$ on share mode.
  3. jobeard

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    HELLO! This is a default share on XP. Login as ADMIN and delete this share!

    It is intended for XP/Pro systems attached to a Domain Controller environment
    to allow the I.T. staff to perform remote install/config/maintenance.
    If that does not describe your environment
  4. jobeard

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    this account can be deleted w/o harm

    for your PRIVATE LAN; this is bogus

    the default for XP is MSHOME, for Win/98 it's WORKGROUP
    you may actually use anything as long as ALL system use
    the same name eg: 'JohnAdams'

    >How can I figure out how I'm being monitored ...
    big question, lots of possibilities, but start out with
    the simple config issues first;

    1. disable all/any port forwarding in your router
    2. disable all exceptions in your firewall (ie: print/file sharing)
    3. empty your browser cache
    4. clear browser history
    5. disable browser 'remember search terms'
    6. get Spybot S&D, perform full scan, and delete all tracking cookies
  5. D@nny

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    yeah i figured out that other user account wasn't a threat but why would my computer create this thing to help it out with asp usage? Also how do I disable allowing filesharing in my firewall?
  6. jobeard

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    Micrsoft does as it pleases -- haven't you noticed :)
    depends upon which firewall you are using.
    With the freebe FW that comes with XP:
    To take the simple approach, select ON and check the No Exceptions,
    but this might be more that you want, so
    go to the exceptions tab and
    make sure File and Print Sharing is NOT selected​
    On any other,
    you need to make sure ports 139,445 are NOT ALLOWED
    It's not necessary to DENY, just delete any rule that appears with these two ports​
  7. D@nny

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    I browsed the compaq 98. I went into network buddy or network helper w/e it is and it acts much like network places on xp. The 98 that I thought was monitoring me was only connected to SONY2 and compaq the computer next to me. I browsed the files in it glad to see my computer wasn't on the list. Too bad I still didn't think all was right but I realized that i'm not connected to the 98 anyway I can tell from the evidence on his computer. But then in network places I found this...
    Can a hacker do this as a way to access my files I'v never heard of cerion before or seen that file. Also my computers task manager processes weren't suspicious but I've been fluctuating between 12 and 60 percent constantly for the past hour in cpu usage. It's crazy making me believe I have a virus but i'v done scans. It usually only happens when I try to open nvidia control panel which opens at least 20 minutes later and now my cpu usage has dropped. But my gpu core clock is at 67 percent and I haven't been doing anything heavy besides opening nvidia cp and browsing the network. It usually idles at 57 c . I don't want advice on how to cool it down but why would it be shooting up all of a sudden.
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